Avoid Commercial Property Slipping and Tripping Hazards Year Round

Avoid Commercial Property Slipping and Tripping Hazards Year Round

Presenting the best face for your business is one of the most effective ways to earn a customer’s trust, and providing a safe and attractive place for them to partake in your services goes a long way in earning their confidence.

In Calgary we tend to think that slip and falls happen only in the winter, and of course the vast majority do occur during the colder months. But summer presents its own hazards as well. The warming and freezing trends of Calgary can wreak havoc on sidewalks and pathways, and our busy and relatively short summers make it hard to get proper repairs done. But as you know, all Calgary property owners have a duty of care to prevent accidents year-round in order to prevent unwanted mishaps and injuries potentially resulting in litigation.

Tripping in Summer

The most common injuries from falls are scrapes, bruises, shoulder and knee injuries and fractures of the pelvis, hip, wrist and ankle. Uneven pathway causes can be the earth freezing and expanding, the roots of mature trees thrusting up through the ground and just regular wear and tear. There are long- and short-term solutions for cracked, heaving sidewalks and pathways, and you owe it to yourself and your customers to take action quickly.

Pavers can be completely removed and replaced quite easily, but it is time-intensive and requires you to rope off and shut down parts of the ways in and out of your business. For a faster and cheaper solution, you can grind down minor cracks so that they are smooth and flat. This will keep things safer for the time being, but keep in mind the pavers or asphalt will likely need to be replaced eventually.

For large roots, pavers should be removed and replaced after having a professional (like us at Mirage!) either cut out or grind down the offending appendages. If it’s large and healthy, this shouldn’t cause any harm to the tree. If it’s diseased and causing an undue amount of problems, it may be advisable to have the tree removed entirely.

Slipping in Winter

Slip and fall accident lawsuits can cause a very real problem for property owners in Alberta, particularly those who are open to all manner of visitors during the winter. Snow accumulation is dangerous to visitors to both businesses and homeowners for all manner of reasons. The deeper the snow, as it falls on concrete and asphalt, the more easily it overwhelms the depth of traction, if any, found on most shoes. Snow accumulation also obscures features such as parking curbs and potholes in the parking lot. Finally, due to Chinook conditions that often accelerates snow melt in our region, ice forming as the overnight temperatures dip is very common. In fact, in January of 2015 there were 2,598 sidewalk complaint calls over a 13-day period due to soaring daytime temperatures and cold nights causing sidewalks and pathways to dangerously ice over.

A winter slip and fall can result in grievous injuries, and if you have failed to keep your property relatively free of hazards, you could be found liable in a court of law and be required to pay restitution to the victim. To avoid worry and greatly lower the chance of accidents on your property, hire us for snow removal in addition to your landscaping services.

How to Hire a Commercial Landscaping Company

There are several services every commercial landscaping company should provide. When looking for someone to maintain your property, make sure to ask if they offer the following:

We at Mirage provide all of the above and more. Not only can we can create a beautiful and functional commercial landscape, we can also help deter thieves. With three generations worth of experience in Calgary, our reputation means everything to us, and we care deeply about presenting the best face possible for you and your business at all times. 

Using Your Commercial Landscaping to Your Advantage

Here are six ways to make the most of your commercial landscaping by Mirage. We specialize in providing excellent professional landscape construction services for commercial properties in southeast Calgary. We are proud of our portfolio, and look forward to creating an ideal outdoor space for you and your customers. To get started, fill out our request form for an estimate. We will respond to your query as quickly as possible!


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