Avoid Liability With Professional Snow Removal Services

Avoid Liability With Professional Snow Removal Services

Though we didn’t have another “Snowtember” like we did in 2014, those of us in Calgary know that it can never be too early to prepare for snow removal. The first snowfall of the season isn’t far away, and Mirage Landscaping of Calgary is just a free quote away.

Every winter is different, but a few things are always the same. Whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, you are wise to have a snow removal contract in place. No matter how much it snows, Calgary’s snow removal bylaws require your compliance, and Mirage Landscaping guarantees to have your snow removal done quickly, reliably and right.

We Are Your Ounce of Winter Prevention

Slip and fall accident lawsuits can cause a very real problem for property owners in Alberta, particularly those who are open to all manner of visitors during the winter.

We know a lot about protecting our snow removal clients from accidents that could have been prevented. Very generally speaking, you are not responsible for others having to use caution on your premises while a snowfall or deep freeze is occurring. No one expects you to begin to shovel outside your establishment during a blizzard, but where your slip and fall liability begins is when accumulation is developing and isn’t dealt with in a timely manner. 

Snow accumulation is dangerous to visitors to both businesses and homeowners for all manner of reasons. The deeper the snow, as it falls on concrete and asphalt, the more easily it overwhelms the depth of traction, if any, found on most shoes. Snow accumulation also obscures features such as parking curbs and potholes in the parking lot. Finally, due to Chinook conditions that often accelerates snow melt in our region, ice forming as the overnight temperatures dip is very common.

To avoid worry and greatly lower the chance of accidents on your property, hire Mirage Landscaping of Calgary for snow removal services

Winter Bylaw Blues

Calgary has strict snow removal bylaws (20M88) for both business owners and homeowners. Section 67 covers snow removal from sidewalks, and state that within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall, all snow and ice must be completely removed from adjoining sidewalks to a width of 1.5 metres. If you fail in this duty, and the City ends up having to do it, you will be billed for the cost.

During some winters here, keeping your sidewalks free and clear of ice and snow is not overly taxing. In other recent winters we have had in Calgary, it was a major headache for property owners to deal with the accumulation themselves.

We Know Everything There Is To Know About Snow Removal

Winter is coming, and for Calgary that means accumulations generally start to develop in early November. Now is the time to set up a snow removal contract with Mirage Landscaping.

Before the snow flies, we can figure out how we will best service your property. We map everything out, locate a suitable spot to pile the snow and decide what sort of equipment will best service your property. Most importantly, you’ll have a contract in place that solidifies your commitment to winter safety.


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