Beautiful Fences to Accentuate Your Property

Beautiful Fences to Accentuate Your Property

Fall is approaching and winter is creeping close behind, but that doesn’t mean that your commercial and residential landscaping construction projects have to end. We can build a fence just as long as the ground will let us. 

Unless the ground freezes hard or the temperatures fall far and long enough to ensure poured concrete won’t cure, we continue many of our landscape construction business services through the winter. 

For three generations, Mirage Landscaping of Calgary has been a reliable lawn maintenance company and full-service landscaping construction firm to commercial and residential clients.

Why Building a Fence in the Fall Makes Sense

There are several reasons as to why this fall and winter could be the best time for you to finally build the fence you’ve been thinking about.

  • During the fall and winter we can often find you better deals on supplies. Many of our materials suppliers are clearing out their inventories of “summer construction” materials, so there is opportunity for savings.
  • We can more get intricate. Because we have access to more materials at a discounted rate, we can really explore the options presented in your imagination. Some clients are choosing to section off areas of their property to provide more privacy and interest. Others are exploring artistic methods of placing boards. Combine a beautiful fence with an attractive and functional patio, and your backyard can become an oasis.
  • Let’s face it, fences are great for keeping things out. Keep your plants and your people safer with a fence that is well-designed, good-looking and sturdy.
  • Get creative! There are a lot of fun new ideas that can be incorporated into your new fence, such as blackboard and finger painting panels.
  • Great fences come with great gates. There are a variety of options available, all of which are as functional as they are attractive.

Mirage Landscaping will make sure your fencing project adheres with all aspects of municipal law with regards to property boundaries. As well, we will always identify and account for underground utilities before digging.

Fix Your Fence!

If sections of your current fence are bowing, rotting, or wiggling in the breeze, let’s get it fixed! We are always happy to provide a quote for any project. We have over three generations’ worth of experience in landscape construction, and apply our knowledge to ensure your property is expertly maintained, safe and functional for you at all times.


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