Benefits of Fall Fertilization: Landscaping in Calgary

Benefits of Fall Fertilization: Landscaping in Calgary

Benefits of Fall Fertilization: Landscaping in Calgary

If you are serious about lawn care in Calgary, you know the importance of applying fertilizer in the fall to give your grass every advantage in bouncing back in the spring.

You aren’t serious about lawn care in Calgary? That’s okay, because here at Mirage Landscaping in Calgary, we can take care of your local residential or commercial lawns for you. Let us begin by offering why “winterizing” your lawn with a late fall fertilizer is a smart move.

Why Feed Your Grasses in the Fall?

Your grasses are a living organism. As, such they have nutritional requirements that need to be met. This is not to say that your grass will be killed by our Calgary area winters, rather, that the standard we are trying to meet with a fall fertilization is grass that thrives come spring.

If you entrust us with feeding your lawn ahead of winter, here is why we are doing it: Your grass is going dormant over the winter and our aim is to give your grass a margin of stored energy in its root system so that it can meet the thaw next spring all ready to grow into your lush and verdant summer lawn.

To properly winterize your lawn, we will keep an eye on the weather here in Calgary. With three generations of experience  landscaping in Calgary as a full service lawn care company,  we will only fertilize your grass when the time is right. We are not looking to promote grass growth, because that could invite frost damage and mold infestation under snow cover. We are looking to have your grasses build a surplus of carbohydrates in their root systems and stems. In order to have that happen, the fertilizer needs to be applied when the grass stops growing for the season, but before a hard freeze puts it into dormancy for the winter.

Why Expertise in Fertilizing a Lawn For Winter is a Good Thing to Have

Of course to do the job right, you have to know your stuff. Here’s a tip if you are considering doing winterization yourself: Don’t use a fertilizer with any phosphorus or a high nitrogen content in it. Not only is phosphorus a potent ground water contaminant, it is totally unnecessary given the task at hand. A high nitrogen content fertilizer is also not appropriate for winterization because the chance of burning your lawn is high. Every lawn is unique in its blend of grasses, sunlight exposure, drainage and other factors. Every soil composition is unique to its terrain too. A delicate balance in the type of fertilizer and amount required for your particular application is essential to giving your lawn what it needs and no more. Why not leave these calculations to the experts?

Late October is coming, marking the best time to begin winterization. There is a brief window, that begins closing in mid-November, where the application of fall fertilizer is the most effective.

The Springtime Benefits of Lawn Winterization

In the Calgary area, our grasses spend the fall recovering from the heat of summer, the deprivation of root soaking moisture, and other stresses, like foot traffic, it endures during the growing season. The grasses have the genetic impetus to prepare itself for winter. Feeding them helps this process. The greenery of the grass is no longer growing, but beneath the surface the roots are thickening up by adding cellular mass for carbohydrate storage.

If you want your lawn to come back quicker in the spring, with a thicker and more luxurious feel, call us. If you want a lawn with a more thoroughly developed root system and tightly packed stems that resists weeds better, contact us for a free quote. Finally, if you want not only a fall fertilization of your Calgary area commercial or residential lawn, but a complete fall clean up”  of your property, including a last mowing, trimming, leaf removal, aeration, underground sprinkler maintenance, the removal of annual bedding plants, or other services, why would you call anyone else but Mirage Landscaping in Calgary?

We will not only take care of your lawn this fall, but we can take care of all your snow removal across the winter too. If you let us feed your lawn this fall, we can all but guarantee you that your lawn will be among the best looking in the city come spring.

Whether you are already serious about lawn care in Calgary, or you just want to become so, call Mirage Landscaping in Calgary. We stand ready to answer any questions you may have about both the care of you lawn and about our services.

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