Best Aboveground Sprinklers: Landscaping in Calgary By Mirage

Best Aboveground Sprinklers: Landscaping in Calgary By Mirage

Best Aboveground Sprinklers: Landscaping in Calgary By Mirage

Whether you are a residential homeowner or a commercial property owner, eventually your grass is going to want to drink long and deeply as we progress into summer. Mirage Landscaping in Calgary are experts at installing and maintaining underground sprinkler systems. We believe such systems are your best bet for saving on water, however we also understand they are not ideal for everyone. 

Due to expense, hilly lots, or even dry spots left by improperly installed existing sprinkler systems sometimes a good hose and a sprinkler is needed. No matter what kind you buy, also make sure to purchase a simple plastic rain gauge to determine how long you need to water. The goal is to give the grass a good soaking without wasting resources and money.

If You Are Watering A Small Area

If you only have a small patch of grass, or a dry zone your built-ins don’t hit, a fountain type sprinkler that contains as few moving or manipulative parts as possible will best serve you. These sprinklers also work well at slmost any water pressure. 

A sprinkler with no moving parts should be inexpensive and last a lifetime. The downside is that if dirt or other debris becomes lodged within the head, it sometimes can’t be taken apart for removal of obstructions, so make sure any such sprinkler you buy has a detachable filter screen at its inlet. 

One last tip on this class of sprinkler: Most feature a fixed spray pattern. If so, make sure the sprinkler’s pattern geometrically matches the area(s) you intend to use it upon.

If You Water Larger Rectangular Areas And Entertain Kids

You’ve seen the oscillating sprinkler before—it has a bent tube with a number of jet heads in it that makes for a continuously sweeping curtain of water that oscillates back and forth by use of a cam drive.

The waving action that makes these sprinklers fun for kids to run through is only possible with up to as many as 35 parts. This complexity usually sees these moderately expensive sprinklers means they break easily, providing the shortest service life. 

Maximum Flexibility And Durability

Buying quality is always wise. An all-metal pulsating sprinkler with a spike or weighted base may seem more costly, but they are more robustly designed, as they were derived from agricultural irrigation equipment. The “pulse” is the spring actuated swing arm interrupting a continuous flow of water, also knocking the sprinkler around its nearly 360 degree arc. Furthermore, you can adjust a spring-tensioned screw into the water pulse itself, forcing it to mist for coverage in tighter spots. Hold out for ones made with all brass heads and stainless steel spikes or coated metal base stands.

Designed to be moved around, these types of sprinklers require a little practice at setting the arc without getting yourself too wet. You should be able to quickly cover even a very large lawn area in just a little time.

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Built-in underground systems start and shut off on their own, and deliver water at the most ideal times of the day. We always offer clients a free quote on any job.


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