Best Practices For Parking Lot and Commercial Snow Removal in Calgary

Best Practices For Parking Lot and Commercial Snow Removal in Calgary

Best Practices For Parking Lot and Commercial Snow Removal in Calgary

Big snow removal jobs around Calgary are a lot more complicated than they look. If you are a commercial property owner, don’t take chances on a company without experience.

Here at Mirage Landscaping, your premier full-service commercial and residential landscaping and snow removal company  in Calgary, we don’t take short cuts to earn your business. We demand more of ourselves in order to better serve you.

What are best practices in snow removal, particularly with the snow plow? First and foremost, snow removal specialists should present proof of insurance before starting.

Snow removal with a plow is not something everyone has the talent to do right or the experience to keep you out of legal trouble. We do snow removal properly. We have total confidence in our crews, our equipment and our experience. We carry liability insurance to indemnify you should property be damaged or snow removal results in some kind of accident. If your prospective snow removal contractor cannot or will not provide you with proof of insurance, to a policy limit level commensurate to the liability exposure of your business, you should look further for your company.

Mirage Landscaping in Calgary will provide you with the peace of mind that our insurance will cover any accidental damage or foreseeable incident that our snow removal efforts could cause. Here are our current best practices in snow removal to demonstrate not only what we will do, but also what we won’t.

The Best Practices in Snow Plowing Parking Lots

  • If you contract with us before the snow flies, we will walk your lot with you to identify and map any peculiarities or obstacles we need to avoid when covered with snow. We will then flag those features to be avoided.
  • If you have made us responsible for sidewalks as well, we will always clear those off before plowing the lot.
  • We will always consult with you about where you ultimately want the snow piled.
  • We will always set the plow into motion, and then drop the blade, to avoid damage to the driving surface.
  • We will always use particular caution when plowing near curbs.
  • We will not block water drains, drainage ditches, or catch basins with snow piles.
  • We will never pile snow by roads or lot ingress/egress points, thereby impairing the vision of drivers using the lot.
  • We will never pile snow near any already parked cars, creating bad footing or upsetting the employees or patrons of your business.
  • When plowing snow that is next to buildings, we will push away, or back drag the snow away from the structure.
  • We will make every attempt to push the snow banks back as far as we can enough to account for future snowstorms.
  • We will always attempt to plow snow during off-peak hours to minimize any disruption of your business, but heavy snowfall in the city may alter that plan.
  • We will always make you look like a good neighbour. We will never pile snow on someone else’s property, into the street or sidewalks, near the mailboxes, utility readouts or fire hydrants.
  • If completing your Calgary area snow removal job requires us breaking out shovels, snow blowers, de-icer, or even brooms and brushes, we will do whatever it takes to make your business as safe for visitors as humanly possible following a service call from us.

Calgary Snow Removal With Mirage

Our business plan is simple.  At Mirage Landscaping in Calgary, we believe that our hard work and dedication during snow removal season will earn you as a customer for the rest of the year. If you are already a year-round customer of ours, we likewise believe that the efforts we put in and the practices we demonstrate will see you contracting with us for years to come.

If you are interested in the best snow removal services your hard earned money can buy, call Mirage Landscaping for a free quote. You will never be disappointed when we are handling your Calgary area snow removal.

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