Calgary Commercial Landscape Design: Tips for Your Business’s Green Space

Calgary Commercial Landscape Design: Tips for Your Business’s Green Space

Calgary Commercial Landscape Design: Tips for Your Business’s Green Space

Mirage Landscaping of Calgary is a full service residential and commercial landscaping design and maintenance firm. We are committed to excellence in everything we do.

Commercial Landscape Design Considerations

The bottom line in commercial landscaping is cost effectiveness. Commercial landscaping should be efficient – both for the caretaker and the customer – and also achieve the corporate image you wish to project. Mirage Landscaping of Calgary has the following tips for maximizing dollars spent on landscaping:

Plan Ahead

Building new business offices requires a lot of attention to detail and often the outdoor landscaping design is left to the last minute. Thankfully, outdoor spaces are very adaptable, and can be made to fit all configurations and flow to all uses. Additions such as underground irrigation, planting or tree boxes, retaining and decorative walls, or a water or rock feature around your chosen primary sign, are easiest to build while the lot is still bare of any other landscaping.

The detail phase of your new construction is also the prime time to consult with Mirage Landscaping of Calgary to help you decide how to make beautiful, yet durable, cost conscious commercial landscaping decisions.

Planting For Long Term Beauty And Success

Whether you own a commercial property the size of a small shopping mall or a dental office with grounds not unlike a residence, your landscaping is the “welcome sign” of your business. It is one thing to look at a building plan on paper and quite another to know which plants will thrive in the extremes of Calgary’s climate while also needing as little irrigation water as possible. We know which trees are thirsty and which are miserly with your applied water. We know, between two equally attractive ground cover plants, which is the more drought tolerant. We know which grasses do well in full sunlight, partial sunlight or deep shade. Every informed decision you make during planting saves you years of money spent upon watering or replacing plants that didn’t thrive in your particular plot of land. The dollars saved could pay for the landscaping itself over the long lifespan of well chosen trees and plants.

Planting And Paving For Visual Impact

If water economy were all that commercial landscaping was about everyone would be planting good old Albertan prairie grass everywhere and maybe some Saskatoon berries as accents, saying “Mission accomplished.”

It takes experience to integrate buildings and landscaping features, especially on a property with more than one structure upon it. Care needs to be taken that the right plantings are in the right spots to thrive, and the walks only have gradual slopes to contend with while not passing through any areas that could be subject to not draining well. Mirage Landscaping knows the ins and outs of planning and executing visually appealing commercial landscaping on time and on budget.

We can make sure the trees chosen are installed so as to be easy to mow and trim around them without damage. As we also perform underground irrigation maintenance in summer and fall and snow removal in the winter too, we can design your commercial landscaping with one eye open to the issues of gravity draining your sprinkler system for the season and making your property more friendly to rapid snow removal efforts in the winter.

A Redesign Is Never Out of The Question

Mature landscaping presents challenges of its own. Are the plantings too numerous, look too foreboding, or is there nowhere to take a sunny break outside? Perhaps a tree needs to be moved because it blocks natural sunlight from your offices…whatever the job, big or small, Mirage Landscaping of Calgary offers free quotes.


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