Calgary Commercial Lawn Care: Mirage Delivers

Calgary Commercial Lawn Care: Mirage Delivers

Calgary Commercial Lawn Care: Mirage Delivers

Mirage Landscaping  is committed to individual-looking designs and high standards of customer service. We are a full-service landscaping firm, and we do everything from work with you to create your vision of the ultimate green space to building stone walkways, patios, water features and retaining walls as finishing touches. Every service is completed with dedication to the highest levels of craftsmanship, and we are so sure of our performance we offer our clients a 100 per cent guarantee of satisfaction.

Our many satisfied commercial clients  include Safeway, Sears, La-Z-Boy Furniture, Trail Appliances and Simco Management’s vast array of rental holdings. We keep large swaths of Calgary looking its best every week, even into the winter,  when we plow parking lots, clear sidewalks and tackle ice problems all over the city. Mirage can not only keep your commercial property green through spring and summer,  and readied for winter  in the fall, we also lower your chance of insurance claims for slip and fall accidents in the winter by always keeping your pathways pristine.

Your landscaping is the public face of your business. You would never leave your business website or outdoor signage in a shambles…it is the first thing a prospective customer or client may notice! It is said over and over again in business that “details matter.” Your landscaping is very much that type of detail. Your landscaping can convey a message about you all on its own, such as, “We are sticklers for detail,” or “We are prospering.”

If your current landscaping isn’t giving a impression worthy of the success of your enterprise, call us for a free no obligation quote  to see what Mirage can make possible. Our portfolio  contains many examples of our meticulous work, such as retaining wall projects, walkways, steps, irrigation installation, tree planting and sod replacement. New commercial landscaping can give your Calgary business a new and inviting look.

The best part is that you don’t have to start big to begin building a relationship with us. We happily do regular servicing too. We offer bi-weekly cutting and trimming  of rapid-growing springtime grass. We power rake, edge, and always remove the clippings and other debris from the paved areas. We spray for dandelions and feed your landscaping plants. When the summer comes, we’ll reduce mowing frequency and weed and trim your garden areas and shrubs, as required. Come the fall, we begin the winter preparation  of your property, removing annuals and collecting leaves throughout your grounds. If you have an underground irrigation system, we can also prepare it to face a Calgary winter. In addition to the winter services we provide, we can also perform the late winter pruning of your property’s trees and woody shrubs to assist in their vigorous growth in the spring.

We have three generations’ worth of experience  and expertise to improve the visual beauty of your business. It is nearly impossible to overestimate the attention to detail excellent commercial landscaping can add to your business’ overall appeal. First impressions mean a lot, and customers will appreciate the perfectionism that goes into your landscaping and attribute the decision to make the grounds look fantastic to a management team that sweats the details. We do the work and you take all of the credit, as it should be. After all, you made the call  to beautify the premises!

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