Calgary Landscaping on a Budget: Keeping Costs Under Control

Calgary Landscaping on a Budget: Keeping Costs Under Control

Calgary Landscaping on a Budget: Keeping Costs Under Control

Mirage has over three decades of experience in the landscaping business, and we are always working to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our portfolio of projects shows how hard we try to achieve remarkable results every time. What it doesn’t say, however, is just how hard we strive to keep our costs down and meet your quote with the same thorough and exacting approach.

The Value of Your New Home vs. the Value of Your Landscaping

The rule of thumb when it comes to new construction is to expect to spend 10 to 15 per cent of the total single building budget on the surrounding landscaping. On a $300,000 home this represents a sizable $30 to 45,000 commitment of resources to this phase of your homebuilding project.

At Mirage, we have the experience necessary to provide lots of cost planning tips to remember when it comes to your landscaping.

To start, we can always “phase in” projects over several years if that is more affordable, or makes more sense, for your particular situation.

That said, many landscaping touches and features can be prepped or installed while your house is being built. Things such as terrain contouring, installations of retaining walls or terracing, laying of back patio areas, decorative walls that aren’t too close to primary construction, underground sprinkler installation, and prospective draining of any identified trouble spots can all be most easily accomplished while the general contractor is still building the home itself and there is plenty of access to and from the site.

Hidden Savings

By hiring us early in the process, you not only get the full benefit of our extensive design experience, you get to pick our brains about the possibilities to save money where it isn’t readily apparent. The longer or harder we have to work to execute upon your vision, the prouder we are of the result. We are always happy to discuss all the options for your build. For example, what about laid stone vs. pavers? And, how much irrigation do you really need?

Those are just a few of the costs can be trimmed. Seed over sod is typically another area where money can be saved. Also, by sticking with trees and shrubs that thrive locally you can save upfront money and minimize planting losses.

Mirage Landscaping of Calgary is a premier one-stop shop for full-service commercial and residential landscaping design, construction, and maintenance services.


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