Calgary Landscaping Outdoor storage: Which shed is best for you?

Calgary Landscaping Outdoor storage: Which shed is best for you?

Calgary Landscaping Outdoor storage: Which shed is best for you?

An integral part of your whole Calgary landscaping design includes where you will store and protect not only all the gizmos, gadgets, equipment, tools, and materials that help to maintain your pristine property throughout the different seasons, but also all the furniture, flags, decorations, flower pots, and grilling supplies you use throughout the warmer months. Before investing in and building a shed on your property, there are several important factors to consider.


If you are going to solve your storage challenges with a shed, you are making a commitment of time, money, and space on your property. One of the most important factors to consider is durability. You want to invest in a shed that will withstand the sultry days of summer, the storms of spring, the forceful winds of fall, and the whirling snow and blizzards of winter. For durability, there are three main materials from which to choose: vinyl, steel, and wood.

Sheds made of vinyl composites make it impossible for insects, mildew, and the weather to visit (except, of course, if you leave the door open!) Vinyl sheds don’t rust, chip, or deteriorate over time. Flooring kits and a way to anchor your shed to the ground are not included with the vinyl shed kit, so you have to buy that separately. A shed made of metal is a popular choice because of its affordability (no need to treat it or stain it); however, overtime it will become weathered and rust; thus eventually leaving its treasures inside susceptible to the elements outside. Since metal sheds typically are available in complete kits, you don’t need to worry about purchasing a separate flooring for it. Wooden sheds – in particular those made of cedar – not only are the most weather-durable of the three materials mentioned here, but also are the most aesthetically-appealing for your property and will add value to your Calgary landscaping.


In addition to selecting a shed that will last more than one decade, it’s also important to take into consideration what you plan to store in the shed, how you plan to store it, and if you physically plan to spend any amount of time in the shed. If your intent is simply to have a safe place where you can store all your spring and summer garden, pool, and BBQ toys and tools, then you may not need a large shed (unless you have a ton of toys) with lots of special features and components. You simply need a spot to store and lock your seasonal things that you will only access when the wildflowers start blooming again.
If, however, you would like to spend some time working on projects or chair-refereeing a Sunday football game in your shed (a.k.a man cave or – doghouse!) – choosing a wooden shed will give you more options. A wooden shed allows you to choose from loft styles, ranches, and barn designs. They also offer many options, including: windows, skylights, roll-up doors, and electrical outlets (for heat and light!)


While all three materials (vinyl, metal, and wood) for sheds range in price in their individual categories – each available from the bare minimum to the top-of-the-line, overall a pre-packaged, all-inclusive metal shed will be the least expensive among the three. (And, not surprisingly, it will be the least attractive shed on your property; however, this may not matter if you’re building the shed for storing your commercial tools and equipment far back from the road, the main office, or house on the property).

Who is the best reference when deciding? A current owner of a shed!


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