Calgary Lawn Maintenance: Benefits of an Underground Sprinkler System

Calgary Lawn Maintenance: Benefits of an Underground Sprinkler System

Calgary Lawn Maintenance: Benefits of an Underground Sprinkler System

You’ve undoubtedly heard the cliche, “Time is money.” Lots of things amount to the equivalent of cash. In around Calgary, water is such a commodity. As careful as you may be around your home by using water efficient appliances and low flow toilets and shower heads, when you go and manually water your lawn and plants, you are wasting both your time and money every time out.

No matter how careful you are, no matter whether you thriftily use only a watering can or actually sit and watch your lawn sprinkler watering your lawn to an optimal level and no more, you cannot hope to match the water efficiency of a well-designed underground automated sprinkler system. Today’s in-ground sprinkler systems are not the old ones where pop out risers burst from the ground and blast away at your water bill, randomly shooting water thirty or forty feet in every direction for twenty minutes and then retiring. Now, you can have zones that each water with different delivery amounts or frequency. Misters can protect delicate plants from physical damage and gently deliver the correct amount of water, and bubblers can deliver water straight to the roots of plants or trees growing on slopes or other difficult areas.

It is even possible to build systems built upon micro or drip irrigation principles. Do you have a small greenhouse for starter plants? An herb garden? Plant boxes hanging from the eaves or deck railings? All can be served by miniaturized full-feature automated irrigation loops fed by the main underground sprinkler system and controlled by the same programmable control centre.

Automation, and the efficient delivery of water through an in ground sprinkler system, are key for the system paying for itself in savings over its years of reliable service. Plants benefit the most from watering that soaks to the roots at times of the day when you are very unlikely to find yourself out back and wanting to water. And some fraction of the water manually applied by even the most caring green thumb is going to uselessly evaporate away when you water in the heat of day. When that happens, you may as well have burned the money you wasted away in your fire pit.

In addition to your saving time and water, and not having to personally oversee the watering process every time you judge it is needed, an underground irrigation or sprinkler system provides other tangible benefits that justify its initial cost. How many times have you planned to get away, whether for a long weekend, or a couple of weeks, and had to confront what to do about the plants? Do you find yourself seeking out your neighbours to help? Do you find yourself hiring a service or even an individual so you can have real accountability through payment changing hands? Perhaps you are relying upon a battery operated timer at the spigot, and hoping against hope that it actually works or that its batteries hold up for your entire trip? Even with a timer, who is moving your sprinkler around?

An underground sprinkler system solves this perennial headache with finality. With a quality system planned and installed by Mirage Landscaping,  you can go on a trip without worrying about the landscaping or garden you are leaving in its care. The sprinkler system won’t forget to come by. It will provide your plants a consistent watering time. Why not call us and get a no obligation quote, so you can see for yourself what is possible?

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