Calgary’s Deadliest Landscape Design Mistakes

Calgary’s Deadliest Landscape Design Mistakes

Calgary’s Deadliest Landscape Design Mistakes

Every year Mirage Landscaping meets some of Calgary’s deadliest serial killers.

Fortunately, the humans of our city are safe, however, plants everywhere are under threat and the killing season is just beginning. Whether spotted at a local nursery, DIY store, or scattering seed in their front yards, the “black thumbs” are out there, pursuing, or even potting, their next victims.

There are many people out there who can tell a bulb from a tuber, but for whom fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are used as weapons in an arsenal of gardening carnage. Whether by burning plants with too much fertilizer (and killing off beneficial and pest species alike), or creating enough chemical run off from their yard to kill a stream’s worth of fish, these weekend warriors often cause more harm than good. 

Mirage Landscaping  has three generations worth of experience to work with, and we know how to not only plan, but to populate, irrigate, and provide optimal growing conditions for a wide variety of plants, shrubs, and trees that thrive in Calgary’s climate. We have all of the expertise, experience, equipment, and manpower to tackle just about any landscaping project imaginable. Put our resources to work for you!

Crisis Landscaping

You may be familiar with the “crisis gardener”. You know, the one who only attends to the needs of their lawn and plants when they are in serious trouble already? These are the ones that wait to prune their trees until they are dangerous, and then hack them to bits in an amateur pruning job. Or the ones that gives the flowers a “deep soak” until they are all but floating in the planter. They viciously attack hedges with a weed whipper and tackle overgrown yards by lowering the blades on their mower and scalping their lawn.

Routine maintenance is the best way to care for your lawn and garden, and if any of the above behaviours sound familiar, Mirage Landscaping can provide a no obligation intervention of scheduled lawn maintenance services.

Other landscape mistake include:

  • Using species that are not native or are invasive to the area.
  • Planting a species prone to insect predation.
  • Creating a monoculture (which can become a hotbed of plant disease that could spread to the property of others).

Whether folks are planting daffodils and tulips in the spring rather than autumn, pruning their flowering shrubs before they blossom rather than after, failing to prune or dead head their roses, planting annuals that they think are perennials, or seeding vegetable gardens in anything less than full sunlight, they are out there killing or maiming expensive plants not out of malice, but a lack of expertise.

Leave Your Black Thumb Behind!

Plan your fresh start with experienced landscape contractors who know what they are doing. Even someone who believes that they have amassed considerable knowledge about lawn and garden care might face an obstinate problem where they could benefit from our outside perspective backed by decades of problem solving.

Whether you require the proper maintenance of your current landscaping, or you want to tear it out altogether and start anew, Mirage Landscaping has the capabilities to help. If you live on a slope and would like to build a level terrace for gardening through the use of a retaining wall, we can do that too. Does your entire lawn need to be cut away and re-sodded?  Do you harbor a dream of a built in watering system  to take the burden off of you to keep setting up the sprinkler, or simply to allow you to leave town for a week or two? Mirage can do it all as a one-stop solution to all of your landscaping needs.

Feel free to call us for a no obligation quote so you can share your landscaping problems and future garden vision with us at Mirage!

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