Choose Mirage For Your Southeast Calgary Snow Removal Contractor

Choose Mirage For Your Southeast Calgary Snow Removal Contractor

A lot of people think that once they hire a snow removal contractor they have little to no control over what they get. Not true. You are paying for a service and deserve to have your expectations met. 

Mirage Landscaping has been offering Calgary commercial snow removal services for three generations. Our family-owned company specializes in snow removal for businesses in these southeast Calgary districts and communities:

Auburn Bay, Chaparral, Chaparral Valley, Copperfield, Cranston, Douglasdale, Heritage Pointe, Lake Bonavista, Mahogany, McKenzie Lake, Mackenzie Towne, Maple Ridge, New Brighton, Odgen/Lynwood/Millican, Parkland, Riverbend, Sundance, Walden, and Willow Park

We are professional and personal, and will always keep the lines of communication open with you. When you bring us on as your snow removal contractor we hope to earn your trust, first, which means your needs are always top of mind. Here is what we will do for you.

We’ll Be There Fast After the Snow Falls

We pay careful attention to the weather forecasts and are always prepared to hit the streets running as soon as we can. We have the manpower, the vehicles and the snow removal equipment needed to respond to all our customers quickly after a major snowfall. We are keenly aware of the City of Calgary bylaws, which clearly state that snow must be removed within 24 hours of falling, and make it our promise to be there well before the snow causes any problems on your commercial or residential property. As a matter of fact, most of the time you won’t even see us, as we work through the night to ensure your clients are never inconvenienced. 

We’ll Pile Your Snow in a Smart Place

We will always pile your snow on your property in a place that is out of the way and that provides proper drainage when the weather begins to warm up in the spring. Since you are the owner and you know your property better than anyone else, we’ll have a chat with you before we start to see where you think the best place is to put what we have picked up, and will keep your pile neat and clean. For residential properties, we will have the same conversation. Often homeowners prefer to have snow piled on gardens for extra insulation for your plantings. Or we can even try to make a big pile for the kids to play in. Just let us know!

We Bill in a Convenient Manner

Our billing depends on you and your preference. We bill monthly for a pre-established amount that won’t change no matter how often we have to come. We are flexible, and are happy to discuss all the options.

We Sand and Salt

Our snow removal contractor services include sanding and salting the pesky spots that just always seem to ice up, whether due to uneven pavement, freezing and thawing cycles, or high traffic. We’ll chip away what we can, and then apply an appropriate amount of salt so that your property remains ice-free without causing undue harm to the environment.

We Have a Ton of Snow Removal Equipment 

As we serve a number of commercial businesses, we own the complete gamut of snow removal equipment. We have trucks with snowplows for clearing large areas, smaller walk-behind powerful snow brushes for sidewalks and trickier, narrower areas, and snow blowers to finish off the job to perfection. And, of course, nothing beats the trusty old shovel for residential properties.

We Are Insured

Mirage Landscaping is fully licensed, bonded and insured. With three generations of snow removal experience under our belts we have the comprehensive coverage we know we need to protect our customers.

Count on Mirage

Our snow removal crews work around the clock to keep your home or business clear and fully compliant with all Calgary bylaws. As an added benefit, you’ll also deter thievesby having our team remove your snow.

We offer:

  • Prompt services for both residential and commercial properties
  • Expert crews with advanced snow removal equipment
  • Service for parking lots, driveways, walkways, and ice management
  • Sanding services for added vehicle traction on paved surfaces

You’ll be surprised to learn just how affordable our snow removal services are. Get started today by contacting us for a fast, free custom price quote.


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