Commercial Landscaping Tips: Handling High-Traffic Areas

Commercial Landscaping Tips: Handling High-Traffic Areas

Expert commercial landscaping can have a strong impact on the impressions your Calgary customers get when visiting your place of business, and its function goes well beyond that. Careful design and regular maintenance can keep high-traffic areas safer, cleaner and easier to navigate.

Eliminate Trip Hazards With Commercial Landscaping

Pedestrian safety is one of the most important things to consider when planning or maintaining high-traffic areas. Not only can this help you avoid potentially costly lawsuits and insurance claims, but it can also prevent injuries and ensure a pleasant customer experience for all visitors.

Here are some key elements to keep in mind regarding trip hazards and pedestrian safety:

  • Ensure footpaths that run along elevated or uneven areas are as smoothly graded as possible
  • Make regular checks for problems like cracks, intrusive tree roots, overhanging branches and problematic pooling of water runoff
  • Keep footpaths clear of debris and obstructions at all times

Commercial Landscaping Hardscapes and Plant Elements

If you’re planning or upgrading your commercial landscaping strategy, chances are hardscapes are high on your list of considerations. Hardscapes include a full range of paved or improved foot traffic management elements, including sidewalks, footpaths and pedestrian walkways.

Hardscapes should always be planned to guide customers and guests around your property, leading them from zone to zone smoothly and intuitively. They can also support your branding and marketing initiatives by expressing key company values and/or incorporating signage. For example, if you run a health spa, hardscapes can be used to guide guests to quiet, tranquil corners of the grounds where they can relax before or after a treatment.

Plants, including shrubs, hedges, flowerbeds and trees, complement many hardscapes. They should be constructed in such a way that they allow guests to easily avoid walking on grass or through other landscaping. It’s also essential to consider roots when planting trees, since root growth can impact the appearance and safety of hardscape surfaces over time. Think of plants as a supplementary landscaping tool; make them comliment, but not dominate.

The Benefits of Irrigation for Your Commercial Landscaping in Calgary

Built-in irrigation systems are excellent for businesses, since they make it easy to maintain grass and green spaces with regular watering while reducing costs and the amount of labour needed for upkeep. In gardens and flowerbeds, you’ll enjoy big benefits if you pair irrigation with mulch, since mulch creates a protective barrier that keeps moisture in and helps it penetrate plant roots.

An irrigation system is more affordable than you might think. If you have sizable areas of grass to maintain, you’ll benefit in the long run by installing one.

Invest in Regular Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Once you’ve created your commercial landscape and have all its elements in place, you’ll need to carefully maintain it. Given the visibility of business exteriors, cleanliness is essential, and a little effort goes a long way when it comes to keeping grass mowed and plants trimmed.

Here is the maintenance checklist Mirage uses to help you keep your grounds in ship-shape all year round:

  • When we will visit we will make sure there are no obstructions or safety hazards in your high-traffic areas
  • We will also ensure your grass evenly mowed and use a regular mowing pattern to help it look its best
  • We ensure all edging is clean and even, and that hardscapes are free of plant and grass clippings
  • We inspect plants to make sure they are not suffering from any problems related to disease or pests
  • We remove weeds as soon as they appear and make sure they don’t come back
  • We make sure all lawns, gardens and plants are getting plenty of water
  • And during the winter, we provide professional snow removal services so that your business remains accessible no matter what the weather is like

We will also schedule our visits for a time when your business doesn’t usually experience a high volume of foot traffic. This makes it easier for the workers to do their job while reducing risks and annoyances for your patrons and customers.

Commercial Landscaping Services in Calgary: Trust the Experienced Professionals at Mirage Landscaping

The seasoned pros at Mirage Landscaping understand the importance of maintaining a clean, safe and attractive landscape around your business. We provide a complete range of design, construction and landscape maintenance services at prices that fit into practically any budget. Get started on the path to a more appealing commercial landscape by requesting your fast, free service estimate.


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