Commercial Property Maintenance Services From Mirage

Commercial Property Maintenance Services From Mirage

It’s been a spectacular winter in Calgary so far. We at Mirage have been enjoying the weather along with everyone else, although we must admit to missing being on call for major snowstorms. We love freeing properties from snow and ice and making sure your clients and customers have the best experience possible when visiting your business. 

Commercial property maintenance services for the winter mainly entail snow removal, especially up here in Calgary. Mirage Landscaping has the manpower, equipment, and expertise necessary to greatly reduce your chances of someone slipping and falling on your property. This is a nightmare for commercial property managers, as it not only opens businesses up to liability, but can also damage your reputation. And we all know that businesses are built on reputation.

Commercial Snow Removal Services by Mirage

Commercial snow removal is not a job you want to take on yourself as a property manager. It requires knowledge and operator skills that your regular staff members are not likely to have. Don’t risk their physical health just to potentially save a few dollars, it’s simply not worth it. If they are injured you will lose their services for weeks, months, or even permanently. It’s also possible your employees will not clear your property as well as it should be, which sets the stage for someone else getting hurt. 

We pay careful attention to the weather forecasts and are always prepared to hit the streets running as soon as we can. Our commercial property maintenance mandate is to always be observant and respectful of the City of Calgary bylaws, which clearly state that snow must be removed within 24 hours of falling. We make it our promise to be there well before the snow causes any problems on your commercial or residential property, clearing snow and ice away down to the bare concrete. As a matter of fact, most of the time you won’t even see us, as we work through the night to ensure your clients are never inconvenienced. 

Our Extensive Array of Equipment is There for You

Commercial property landscaping requires a lot of equipment, and we have it all. With our three generations of experience we have tried and tested just about every type of snow removal accoutrements you can think of.

One very important tip we have for commercial property maintenance is to make sure your snow removal professional is well set up with the necessary machines and right amount of labour. Too often we see snow removal companies bite off far more than they can chew when it comes to maintaining large properties. 

Our complete range of equipment includes snowplows, front-end loaders, powerbrooms, snow blowers and an array of shovels and ice chippers for jobs that require old-fashioned labour. If, as in winters past, it snows so much that there is no longer anywhere to pile it up, we have the truck tonnage and the manpower to haul your snow awayif that’s what the job takes. We also have the experience and expertise necessary to determine when and where it is best to use sand for traction on ice and/or use salts to melt it away without harming your grounds or the larger environment.

Additional Winter Landscaping Tasks We Can Perform

Mirage Landscaping is available to perform many tasks for your commercial property throughout the winter. All of our services are negotiable, and we can likely do more than you think. Some additional tasks we can take care of for your commercial property landscaping include:

  • Salting and sanding trouble spots
  • Keeping fire exits and areas around hydrants clear of snow and ice
  • Dump truck services
  • Wrapping trees and shrubs
  • Snow fence installation
  • Tending to exterior garbage cans
  • Litter pick-up
  • And more!

Go With Mirage for Your Commercial Property Maintenance

Mirage Landscaping of Calgary provides professional and reliable snow removal and commercial property maintenance services for commercial and residential properties throughout the city. We make sure that our contracts are clear and easily understandable, and ensure to have your property well cleared immediately after a snowfall.  On the morning after a huge storm, we get started as early a start as noise bylaws and zoning ordinances allow.

Get a free quote on any size snow removal job.


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