Commercial Snow Removal Keeps Your Clients and Customers Safe

Commercial Snow Removal Keeps Your Clients and Customers Safe

Winter weather can wreak havoc on Calgary businesses, creating slip and fall hazards outdoors and indoors alike. Snowy, slippery parking lots, sidewalks and walkways can leave you liable for injuries and property damage, and the risks grow when employees and customers track snow and slush inside with them. Lingering moisture can also damage your floors, potentially leaving you on the hook for an expensive repair bill.

Removing snow and ice from your commercial property isn’t just good business; it’s also a legal requirement. Calgary bylaws state that property owners and occupants must remove snow and ice from city sidewalks no more than 24 after precipitation stops falling. The Insurance Bureau of Canada also notes that you can be held liable for injuries and damages if you fail to provide a “reasonable standard of care.”

Staying on top of commercial snow removal in Calgary isn’t easy without professional help. The city can see very high precipitation levels in winter, and enlisting the help of Mirage Landscaping is an easy and affordable path to making sure your business remains open and accessible no matter what winter may bring.

Tips to Help Keep Winter Out

In addition to trusting Mirage Landscaping to provide prompt and reliable commercial snow removal services, you should take some added steps to help keep snow and slush to a minimum inside your place of business.

We recommend these helpful tips:

  • Place large, thick floor mats with heavy bristles at all major points of entry
  • Add signage asking customers to wipe their feet upon entering the store
  • Use the sign to appeal to customers’ sense of community by explaining that everyone needs to do their bit to keep the store safe and dry
  • Keep mops and towels close at hand, and assign employees to mop up tracked-in slush and moisture promptly
  • Use plastic runners along your floor if you’re having problems keeping snow and slush at bay

A Secret Weapon Against Ice and Snow

By keeping tabs on the weather forecast, you can also use a little-known strategy that pays big dividends: apply de-icing compounds to parking lots, sidewalks and walkways before it snows, not after. Recommended de-icing products include:

  • Sodium chloride (also known as rock salt or road salt)
  • Calcium chloride
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Potassium chloride
  • Urea

Be sure to keep the following words of warning in mind when choosing a de-icing product:

  • Calcium chloride is a very effective de-icing product, but it is highly poisonous to grass. Be sure to keep it away from lawns, even if they’re covered in snow, as the damage they cause can be extensive.
  • Be careful with urea and potassium chloride. Like calcium chloride, urea is corrosive. Potassium chloride is safe for grass, but it can damage concrete. Read the label carefully before using it, and only use it according to manufacturer guidelines.

Choose Mirage Landscaping for Your Winter Property Maintenance Needs

At Mirage Landscaping, we want to earn your business. Our family-owned company has been providing Calgary homes and businesses with outstanding service at affordable prices for three generations. When you choose us for commercial snow removal in Calgary, you will get:

  • Prompt and reliable service that ensures your business will never be in violation of Calgary’s snow removal bylaws
  • Complete documentation of your snow removal efforts, which can make a world of difference in a worst-case scenario involving legal action for injury claims
  • The capacity to haul snow away completely in the event of a major snowstorm

Mirage Landscaping has extensive human resources and professional-grade, heavy-duty snow removal equipment. Our crews always get the job done promptly, no matter how large your property may be and no matter how much snow has fallen.

It’s also important to keep in mind that prompt snow removal can help discourage wintertime criminal activity. During a heavy snowstorm, most people are indoors and the city streets are quiet. Criminals often use this lack of activity as an opportunity to act. By always having a reliable company to clear your ice and snow, you send a message to criminals that you’re paying close attention to your business.

Commercial Snow Removal Calgary: Get a Custom Quote Today

Many of our customers are surprised to learn just how affordable our Calgary commercial snow removal services are. Help keep your customers safe this winter season, all while reducing your risks and liabilities. Get started by requesting a custom commercial snow removal quote from Mirage Landscaping today.


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