Commercial Underground Sprinkler Systems Save Money and Labour

Commercial Underground Sprinkler Systems Save Money and LabourIf you are a local business owner with green spaces to maintain, consider the benefits of installing an underground sprinkler system.

Mirage Landscaping of Calgary has installed countless commercial underground sprinkler systems in the area in our over three generations in the full service landscaping business. For the busy commercial client, where time is literally money, an underground sprinkler system is a labour and money saver over time.

There’s No Underestimating The Power of Convenience

An underground sprinkler installation has an admitted upfront cost, but not only is it a capital improvement to your place of business, it is a time saver for you. A properly maintained sprinkler system will last your entire business career and then some. 

Without a sprinkler system, you, or someone you pay, has to take the time to water the grounds. As relaxing as that may be at times, it is an inefficient use of your labour or payroll. Once installed, and set into zones, operated by a timer, your watering is a forgettable task between spring and fall. No longer will you, or an employee, have to show up early, stay behind late, or just find some time during the day, to water the grass and plants. A sprinkler system can water your grounds at dawn, well before most people are even rolling out of bed.

You Will Save Money On Watering Too

Face it, no matter how efficient you feel you are personally, you will not beat a precisely tuned machine when it comes to water conservation. As flooded as we sometimes feel between the Bow and Elbow rivers, water is still a finite resource in southern Alberta.

Rather than running a hose until you feel that everything green has had enough time to have a drink, a period that usually features overwatering and run-off into the streets, you can have a precisely calculated amount of water delivered to your plantings.

Regularly watering plants at the same time, on a daily schedule, according to the needs of the various elements of your lawn and plantings, promotes the efficient use of the resource. By watering in the cool of the early morning, you’ll limit the amount of applied water that evaporates uselessly when watering is attempted later in the day.

By setting up your watering in zones based upon factors such as the relative thirst of the plants in the zone, or whether the terrain suggests that too much water will simply run off downhill, you will also save money on water savings. 

You will also be setting up flexibility for future landscaping plans too. If you decide to build or install an outdoor feature, such a picnic table for eating lunch in nice weather, you can set the zone it resides in to water in the evening, so that the table is dry by the midday break in the summertime.   

If You Already Have a Sprinkler System. . . .

We not only install built in sprinkler systems, we can maintain and repair previously installed ones too. No matter who made it or who did the work, we can figure out what you have, what spare parts you may need, how the control unit works and whether it is zone programmable.

If your previously installed sprinkler system is sputtering, has heads that fail to pop up, spray correctly, or refuse to go down, we can diagnose and fix it. In the spring we can make sure that the winter hasn’t damaged your system and in the fall we can get it ready to face the winter by blowing all of the water out of it.

Professionally Cut Grass Saves You Time and Money Too

Most people mow the grass when they have the time or can no longer tolerate its height. At Mirage Landscaping of Calgary, we will mow your lawn on a schedule, and that’s great for optimal lawn health. 

If you thought that scheduled grass cutting was just for our certainty or your convenience, you’d be completely correct, but scheduling also best serves the grass.

Mowing is a balance between how high the grass needs to be to shade itself to promote the efficient use of water and any feed inputs it receives, and how close cropped many people like it to look. We have the expert eye for striking that balance.

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