Common Landscape Design Mistakes We Know Not to Make

Common Landscape Design Mistakes We Know Not to Make

Mirage Landscaping is a full-service residential and commercial landscape design and maintenance company. We like to keep in touch with our southeast Calgary clients through our regularly scheduled blog, as well as our Facebook, and Twitter accounts.  We feel like it’s part of our business provide as many tips and tricks as we can on how to maintain your property in Calgary’s unforgiving climate.

It’s tough to grow anything in this city, but there are common errors that can be avoided to increase your chances of gardening success.

1. Planting Without A Plan

The hallmark of a haphazard planting scheme is when there is simply no rhyme or reason to the layout and organization. Without thinking ahead you are also apt to overcrowd, which introduces needless competition for water, sunlight and soil resources … and some of the plants are going to be losers. As well, plants that are too close together can also pass pests, diseases, bacteria and fungi to each other.

Plus, the most attractive landscape designs are those that include a variety of heights, colours and shapes in their concepts. With our expertise we can create a colourful and lush garden that can also be easily maintained.

2. Planting the “Wrong” Plants

It is not enough to know which plants work together with minimal fuss. It’s also very important to plant the right plants in the right zone. Even so-called shade plants still need at least two hours of direct sunlight a day. Many make the mistake of assuming shade plants can be planted virtually anywhere, which isn’t the case.

A great landscape design on paper can be utterly betrayed by not casting an eye towards the reality of landscaping in Calgary. For example, all love the look of maple trees, especially their iconic leaves, but our winter Chinooks are just not good for this particular species. They will come out of dormancy and try to take up water, only to be damaged and even killed by the next deep freeze.

And unfortunately, certain cedars like the western red cedar are not likely to thrive in Calgary — even if you take heroic measures to keep it alive. Our climate is simply too cold and likely also too dry to support it.

A great landscape design in Calgary is not only going to be visually appealing, it has to be practical and sustainable too. We know which plants will thrive in our climate and which ones are marginal. We do our homework so that you can benefit from our expertise.

3. Treating Winter As If It Doesn’t Come

It is relatively easy to envision a dreamy landscape design for lazy summer afternoons, but it takes skill and experience to design one that will also lift your spirit in the dead of winter as well. We can design your yard so that it is also easy to maintain come snow removal time.

4. Failure to Irrigate

Not only is underground irrigation the most efficient way to water, it is also extremely convenient and better for the environment. Systems are zoned to deliver the exact right amount of moisture in the most effective way possible to each part of your yard so that you will actually save a lot of water.

We highly recommend installing a sprinkler system, which are quite affordable to put in. Contact us if you are interested!

5. Trying to Use Plants When Only a Retaining Wall Will Do

Especially on steep slopes, plants provide great ground cover and keep topsoil in place. The problem is that during heavy rains or rapid melting – both of which are part of the weather norm here in Calgary – soil can become super saturated and the whole inclined will lose its topsoil, and along with is important minerals and nutrients. Have us build you a retaining wall for your best chance at successful planting.

6. Not Leaving Enough Room For Entertaining And Yard Work

This type of failure usually occurs during new construction or a backyard revision. There is an incentive to save a few dollars by under-sizing a patio or making walkways too narrow, combined with over-estimating the value of a huge grassy expanse. Never let a perceived upfront saving saddle you with a patio or walkways you will come to resent when there is no room for outdoor furniture or you can’t turn your lawn mower around.

Landscape Design Services By Mirage Landscaping

Mirage Landscaping has over three generations of experience providing our southeast Calgary residential and commercial clients year round, full-service landscape maintenance and construction services. You can rely upon us to listen to your ideas and plan your backyard getaway with your input into every phase of the plan. Help designing, or redesigning a holistic landscape that reduces plant problems and maintenance is just a free quote away.


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