Enjoy the Snow With These Fun Winter Projects

Enjoy the Snow With These Fun Winter Projects

Winter may be cold, but it is beautiful. But unfortunately, not enough of us make the effort to get outside to enjoy it. Stop looking longingly out the winter and make the best of the winter months by getting creative with your outdoor space.

Bur first, let us take care of your Calgary snow removal needs. This will give you a lot more time to just have fun! The pros at Mirage Landscaping have been providing exceptional Calgary commercial snow removal services at surprisingly affordable rates for three generations. Our family-owned company specializes in snow removal for these southeast Calgary districts and communities:

Auburn Bay, Chaparral, Chaparral Valley, Copperfield, Cranston, Douglasdale, Heritage Pointe, Lake Bonavista, Mahogany, McKenzie Lake, Mackenzie Towne, Maple Ridge, New Brighton, Odgen/Lynwood/Millican, Parkland, Riverbend, Sundance, Walden, and Willow Park

Snow Play

  • Build a classic snowman and decorate it using sticks, stones and the various items you find around the yard.
  • Use food colouring to make dyed ice cubes, then use them to build ice sculptures like buildings, robots or just crazy shapes. Bring a bottle of water and use the moisture to help the cubes stick together better. 
  • Use the snow as a canvas and paint it! Tempera paints work best for this.
  • Teach youngsters about the science of freezing by pouring juice in one cup and water in another, and place them outside to see if one freezes faster than the other.

If we get one of our infamous “Arctic dips,” with the bitter cold well into the -30 or lower range, you can always fascinate children with a “flash freeze” by throwing a pot of warm water in an arc in the air and watching it turn into a cloud of instant ice crystals.

Light it Up!

We think lights look great in trees all year round – not just during the holidays. Plus, it’s much easier to hang lights when there are no leaves! Consider stringing some white or multicoloured lights in the branches of your trees to create pale pools of ground lighting and to add interest to your property.

First, try to figure out how many lights you will need before starting. There’s nothing worse than starting a project and not being able to finish because you don’t have enough supplies. Picture the branches of your trees as rings stacked on top of each other and count how many “layers” there are. Then measure the radius of the tree at its widest point. You can easily do this on the ground, just start at the trunk and measure out until you are underneath the largest branch. Calculate your tree’s circumference by multiplying the radius by two, and them multiplying that number by pi (3.14). The final calculation is to then multiply the circumference by the number of layers you counted. That amount should be ample for the length of the light string you need.

Start at the bottom of the tree, making sure to leave the male end of the cord dangling. Begin wrapping, anchoring the line occasionally with a zip tie. If you need to climb a ladder, make sure you have someone with you to help.

Another way to make your property pretty is to hang some colourful bird feeders and then watch while Calgary’s fascinating bird population comes to visit. There are still lots of birds in the city throughout the winter. Buy a bird book so you can keep track of the types of visitors you have welcomed.

Winter Feasting Outdoors

If you haven’t tried it before, winter barbecuing is a treat. Contact Mirage Landscaping and have us completely clear your deck, patio, and walks of any snow and ice and get ready to enjoy.

Winter Weather Construction

Depending on how our winter unfolds in southern Alberta, all manner of winter landscaping projects may be possible. If the weather is mild, projects that require excavation or concrete footers, such as patio awnings, gazebos, and other structures, such as retaining walls, are entirely feasible without a continuous deep freeze afflicting the region.

Even if winter landscaping construction isn’t possible due to conditions, other landscaping projects, like dry stacked rock walls and boulder placement are still possible. If we are having a harsh winter, a strategically placed boulder or rock feature can make the weather have a little less bite at your home or business. Large rocks and boulders not only absorb solar radiation, raising the ambient air temperature nearby as they return that energy at night, they can be placed to act as a break against the prevailing wind too. As we live in Chinook territory no matter how much it does or doesn’t snow, you and/or your slumbering plantings might enjoy a respite from the wind.

Contact Mirage Landscaping of Calgary

No matter the weather, turn to Mirage Landscaping of Calgary for a free quote on snow removal or on any winter landscaping ideas you have.


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