Enjoying your Yard in The Winter [Part 1]

Enjoying your Yard in The Winter [Part 1]

Enjoying your Yard in The Winter [Part 1]

You don’t have to stop enjoying your yard just because winter has arrived. If you dress for the weather, plan properly, and add the right landscape elements, your yard can provide every bit as much entertainment during the winter as it does in the summer. Winter fire pits are a great way to stay warm while making the most of your outdoor space and getting some much-needed fresh air. Also, because it gets dark at an earlier hour in winter than it does in summer, you can get outside and build your fire sooner while enjoying it longer.

Fire Pit Tips from Mirage Landscaping Calgary 
Semi-enclosed fire pits are ideal for the Alberta winter. You won’t have to worry about snowfall accumulation, as the design of a semi-enclosed pit wards off snow, freeing you from the need to clear snowfall before you can light a fire. You’ll find it easiest to get a fire going if you store your wood in a dry place, but if your logs have been stored outdoors and have absorbed some moisture, you can dry them out by putting them under a source of radiant heat for an hour or two before trying to light them. Try storing damp logs near the fire once you get it going; the flames will dry out the firewood, ensuring it’s ready to use when you need it. Also, bear in mind that you can install alternative sources of heat if you plan to use your yard during the winter; electric or natural gas-powered patio heaters help you and your guests stay toasty while enjoying the peaceful, quiet calm of a winter’s night.

Mirage Landscaping Calgary Reminds You About Winter Fire Safety
Fire safety is every bit as important during the winter as it is during other times of year. Many people make the mistake of thinking that the cold weather reduces fire risk, but this is simply not true. Never use large quantities of accelerants to build a larger fire faster, and refrain from using flammable materials other than wood in your fire pit. Place your fire pit as far from your house as possible, keep the fire contained and of a reasonable size, and make sure all the embers are out when you’re wrapping up the evening’s festivities.

If you’d like further information on winter landscaping, or if you would like to take advantage of our full range of snow removal and home maintenance services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Mirage Landscaping. We’re a leading name in landscapers in Calgary, and we provide a comprehensive range of affordable services for homeowners and businesses alike.


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