Enjoying your Yard in The Winter [Part 2]

Enjoying your Yard in The Winter [Part 2]

Enjoying your Yard in The Winter [Part 2]

With the right outdoor apparel and a little creativity, you can have just as much fun in your yard during the winter months as you can in the summertime. If you have a young family, you can enjoy all the same winter activities you took part in when you were a kid, from snow forts and snowball fights to tunneling and building snowmen. These activities are a great way to spend a winter afternoon, and they’ll help you get some exercise and fresh air.

Landscaping in Calgary: Tips for a Snowball Fight

If you want to have a good old-fashioned snowball fight, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, be safe. Make sure to use fresh snow to make your snowballs, and double-check to make sure no rocks or twigs inadvertently get mixed in. Snowballs are best made with the dense, wetter snow that falls when the temperature is just below freezing; if it’s colder and the snow is light and powdery, mixing in a little water will help you pack firm snowballs.

Snowball fights are a lot more fun when you build snow forts for the combatants to use during the melee. Here are five easy steps to building a snow fort:

  • Start by creating a snow pile or snowdrift; if one hasn’t naturally occurred in your back yard, you can shovel snow up against a wall or fence.
  • Pack the snow firmly to make sure it’s dense enough to support the fort.
  • Build a tunnel leading into the body of the snow fort.
  • Clear out space in the snow fort to serve as its primary room.
  • Add more rooms if the snowdrift you’re working with is large enough.

Landscaping in Calgary: How to Build a Perfect Snowman

If a snowball fight is a little too chaotic for you or your kids, you can always build a snowman. Again, you’ll need to start with moist snow, not powdery snow. Begin by packing a large snowball, then place it on the ground and roll it until you collect enough snow to serve as the base of your snowman. Shape the base into a sphere. Repeat this process, but create a smaller sphere to serve as the snowman’s midsection. Finally, roll a third small sphere to be the snowman’s head. You can make eyes and a mouth out of pebbles or stones, food colouring, or buttons. Use branches or twigs for the snowman’s arms, and give him a carrot for a nose. Then, top it off with a scarf and toque!

Landscaping in Calgary: Stay Warm and Safe!

Be sure to dress for the weather. Wear layers of waterproof clothing, snow boots, and a winter hat. Mittens are better than gloves, since your fingers stay together and keep each other warm. Top off your outfit with a scarf, and if it’s sunny, be sure to wear sunscreen. UV levels can be high, even during the winter. If you or your kids get cold, head inside for a few minutes to warm up and enjoy a warm drink of cocoa or tea.

At Mirage Landscaping, we’re here to make sure your home is ready for winter. From landscape maintenance to snow removal, we offer a comprehensive range of services for both homeowners and businesses. To learn more or request service, please contact us.


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