Essential Equipment for Professional Snow Removal Services

Essential Equipment for Professional Snow Removal Services

Mirage Landscaping of Calgary has been in the business of commercial snow removal for over three generations now. We have literally seen everything our regional climate has thrown at the Calgary area and have successfully dealt with all of it. If you are in the market for a snow removal contractor, here are a few important questions to ask.

Is your contract “all inclusive?”

If it isn’t, run away. A contract that is not “flat rate” for the entire season allows for “dumping surcharges,” “fuel surcharges,” and “out of season snow removal” for late spring snowstorms.

Do you sketch/diagram my property before it is buried in snow?

How does a contractor who hasn’t done this remember where the parking lot drains are? Where the fire hydrant or stand pipes might be? A snow removal contractor that does not map the property is a bad sign.

How much snow has to fall before you come by?

If the answer is greater than an inch, you aren’t being served rapidly enough to avoid common slip and fall accidents.

Do you have a dispatcher?

There is no substitute for talking to a human when something unexpected is going on at your business.

Do you have insurance, if so how much?

If the answer isn’t forthright, with the amount of coverage at hand freely offered, you’d better ask for proof before signing or re-signing a contract.

Do you have worker’s compensation coverage for your workers?

If the answer is “no,” or hesitantly offered, you may be entering a legal grey area where you could be financially liable for an injury to someone clearing your property.

Do you do more than snow removal?

What if you are having a drainage problem? What if a retaining wall is failing? What if tree damage requires pruning? Mirage can help you with all of these issues, and more.

Professional Snow Removal Equipment

Mirage Landscaping has been preventing Calgary area winter slip and fall cases for decades now. We have all of the necessary equipment to minimize your chances of having a third party injury claim against your business. Our complete range of equipment includes snowplows, front-end loaders, power brooms, snow blowers and an array of shovels and ice chippers for jobs that require old-fashioned labour. If, as in winters past, it snows so much that there is no longer anywhere to pile it up, we have the truck tonnage and the manpower to haul your snow away if that’s what the job takes. We also have the experience and expertise necessary to determine when and where it is best to use sand for traction on ice and/or use salts to melt it away without harming your grounds or the larger environment.

Go With Mirage

Mirage Landscaping of Calgary provides professional and reliable snow removal services for commercial and residential properties throughout the city. We make sure that our contracts are clear and easily understandable, and ensure to have your property well cleared immediately after a snowfall.  On the morning after a huge storm, we get started as early a start as noise bylaws and zoning ordinances allow.

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