Fall Clean Up More Important Than Ever This Year

Fall Clean Up More Important Than Ever This Year

This week warmed up quite a bit, which is great news! Hardly any of us had enough time to get our fall clean up done before we had a massive amount of snow fall on the city. For a little while there it seemed as though that would be it until the spring.

But thankfully the temperatures climbed this week and a lot of the snow is gone. The city is much happier, and so are we because we now have time to get your yards and commercial properties prepared to get through the winter and into the spring in the best shape possible. Because of the large amount of snow the ground is still very wet, and that makes for potential problems come spring.

Why a Fall Clean Up is Essential for Your Property

Fall clean up services we provide can include:

  • Final mowing and edging
  • Raking out of all grassy areas and all garden beds
  • Aeration
  • Fall fertilization
  • Pruning of shrubs and trees
  • Spraying for pests
  • Irrigation blow-out

Fallen leaves and branches make cozy habitats for bugs and pests. The love the moisture and protection provided and piles of leaves and braches are the perfect place to lay eggs. Clearing out your property greatly reduces the chance of an invasive pests attacking your garden and killing your perennials, shrubs and trees.

A fall clean up also helps reduces the chances of snow mould. Last year was particularly bad for snow mould in Calgary for two reasons. First, the early winter meant many hadn’t completed their fall clean up, which is what we were facing until this week. Second, the unusually large amounts of snow, plus lack of Chinooks, meant the ground took a long time to melt and dry out.

Lots of snow in combination with a layer of rotting leaves creates the perfect environment for snow mould. Without a good raking to get rid of thatch accumulated through the summer, dead leaves, and twigs and branches lying about on the lawn, when the weather (finally) begins to warm up, this organic waste provides the ultimate growing conditions for mould spores. Too much snow mould strangles out grass and leaves large dead spots. It is also very unhealthy to breathe in. It’s best to try to avoid it altogether with a good fall clean up.

Consider Mulching In

There are many benefits of mulch, but most specifically it is effective for helping your plants, shrubs and trees through our long and cold winters. Mulch is basically a heavy-duty top dressing specifically for your garden areas. Some mulch breaks down slowly over time, such as bark mulch and wood chips. Inorganic mulches – like rubber mulch – are made from recycled tires and are said to last longer while also providing vibrant colour to your garden and planted areas. 

Mulch is attractive and useful, as it protects the root systems of plants from extreme temperature variations, holds moisture down in the soil where it should be, and protects gardens areas from run-off.

Be Sure to Shut Your Irrigation Down

Draining your underground irrigation is an important task that needs to be performed each fall. We use a compressor to force all remaining water out of your pipes, as even just a trace amount of trapped moisture could cause serious damage. When the ground freezes, pipes start to get cold and become more brittle. Any remaining water in the pipes will freeze, expand, and cause pipes to crack. 

We have all the tools and know-how necessary to put your underground irrigation system to bed properly for the winter as part of your fall clean-up services. Before we drain your sprinkler system we will do a thorough check to make sure everything is working properly. We can perform a series of tests designed to spot problems like leaks big and small, improperly buried pipes, not enough water pressure, issues with fittings, poor drainage and rocks and pebbles stuck in your sprinkler heads. We can also make sure your sprinkler heads haven’t rotated since they were set, and so are still watering effectively and efficiently. 

Schedule Us For Snow Removal Services

Removing snow and ice from your property doesn’t just reduce your chances of liability problems; it’s also a legal requirement. Calgary bylaws state that property owners and occupants must remove snow and ice from city sidewalks no more than 24 hours after the last snowflake hits the ground. 

Many of our customers are surprised to learn just how affordable our Calgary snow removal services are. Help keep your family and customers safe this winter season, all while reducing your risk. Get started by requesting a custom commercial snow removal quote from Mirage Landscaping today.


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