Get Outside With These Fun Yard Additions

Get Outside With These Fun Yard Additions

It’s been a beautiful summer in Calgary and we hope you’ve been enjoying the weather as much as we are. As landscapers, we try to make the most of every nice day, as we know that there’s never any guarantee for next year. That’s why we encourage you to take advantage of the extra time and get outdoors. Here are a few ways to make your backyard space comfortable, enjoyable and fun.

1. Add a Patios and Sitting Space

Planning a patio starts with deciding its purpose and location. Adding a patio to someone’s yard is one of our favourite projects, as we can picture the enjoyment it will bring to the homeowners.

Some things to think about include:

  • If you entertain a lot, is it feasible to create multiple outdoor gathering areas, or to create a patio layout that can accommodate several groups?
  • A design that encourages guests to come out further into the yard, rather than simply hanging out near the house is an excellent strategy if you have other yard or garden features that you want to highlight.
  • How large the patio should be. Once you add a tables and chairs there should still be enough room for people to walk around comfortably.
  • If you have a lot of space, consider creating separate “patio rooms” that are connected to each other by pathways or bridges. This enhances the versatility and overall functionality of the patio space and encourages exploration.

2. Build a Deck

A deck can be a functional sanctuary for your family and friends. There’s nothing better than dining al fresco on a summer’s night, and a deck can be the perfect extension of your home to provide both comfort and convenience.

Many people prefer the simplicity of a single platform deck, but if you’re looking to do something different, or if your property characteristics demand a unique approach, consider alternatives like multi-story and raised decks.

Raised decks are perfect for homes with steep backyard slopes and a drop-off between the outdoor ground level and the indoor floor level. A solid foundation and additional safety features should be included in your plan.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are spectacular additions to any yard and make it pretty hard to go inside. Most include counter space, cabinets and a grill made out of low-maintenance, tough and durable products such as stone and stainless steel. A dining area is also a must, of course. Some outdoor kitchen even include sinks and ovens, fireplaces and television sets. Clever coolers can be camouflaged into the décor as well. Natural gas heaters can provide light and keep you warm well into the evening, and additional lighting choices could be powered by electrical or solar energy.

Outdoor kitchens are easiest to maintain when they are roofed-in or covered up when not in use.

4. Putting Green

A dream come true for those who like to hit the links, backyard putting greens can be created using synthetic turf or natural grass. We can build you a natural grass putting green in just a couple days by sculpting the ground to require you to “play the breaks” and laying down sod that has been seeded with common putting green grass types like bentgrass and Bermuda grass. Putting greens require fertilizing monthly and regular application of fungicide, and should only be cut with a proper greens mower. Artificial putting greens can also be built with slight raises, drops and angles, are less work to maintain and are more durable. Several of the more modern synthetic turf types available simulate natural grass rather well.

5. For the Kids

Backyard wonderlands for kids are easy to create. All you have to do is provide the settings and their imaginations do the rest!

A treehouse is the ultimate getaway for a kid, and can be everything from a simple platform with a railing to a mini-home with four walls, insulation and electricity. Safety should be top of mind when building a treehouse, so the importance of solid construction can’t be overlooked.

Jungle gyms have also come a long way. Many are constructed with gorgeous cedars and other rich woods, and can include slides, swings, ladders, climbing walls and playhouses.

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