Getting Ready For Calgary Composting

Getting Ready For Calgary Composting

This spring, the City of Calgary is going to be delivering green composting carts to city homeowners. According to city officials, discarded food and yard/garden waste make up more than 50 percent of all garbage coming from residential properties.

There’s a common misconception about organic waste: many people think it breaks down relatively quickly once it reaches the local landfill, but the reality is quite different. This informative animated video from the City explains what actually happens to waste once it reaches the dump. In essence, when organic waste is put in a landfill, it doesn’t break down as you might expect, but instead ends up emitting greenhouse gases — the same pollutants that are believed to be contributing to climate change.

The good news for Calgary composting is that as much as 80 percent of the waste that goes to landfill is actually recyclable, reusable, or could be turned into compost. Calgary’s new Green Cart program is designed to get as much organic waste as possible out of the landfill system and put to better use.

Understanding the Green Cart Program

The City of Calgary is aiming to roll out the new Green Cart program by the middle of the year. Here’s an overview of how the city-wide initiative works:

  • Eligible homeowners will receive a green composting cart, a pail for collecting kitchen garbage, and a small supply of kitchen and garden waste bags
  • You can then put organic waste in the appropriate receptacle, using this list as your guide to what can and can’t go into the green bins
  • Roll your green cart out to the curb, where city workers will collect the waste
  • Green carts go out once a week, on the same day each time

That’s all there is to it! City officials are optimistic that the program will be a great success, based on how well-received the earlier pilot program went. Calgary wants to be an innovator and play a leadership role in moving towards zero waste, and to that end, it has identified some ambitious waste reduction targets:

  • 75 percent waste diversion for industrial, commercial, and institutional organizations
  • 70 percent  for single-family homes
  • 65 percent for multi-family properties
  • 40 percent for construction/demolition sites

A Guide to Using Compost

Of course, you can also use compost around your home instead of throwing it out if you would like to compost on your own. You can double up and do both! The City’s green carts will take items that regular composting bins won’t, so they will still be useful, and composting on your own will provide an excellent natural food source for plants. It can have a very positive impact on the health and beauty of your yard and garden! Another big benefit of compost is that it retains water very well, helping keep plant roots hydrated while warding off weeds. It’s an excellent way to reduce household waste generation, all while cutting back on the amount of chemicals you use in your yard.

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