Give Your Trees Some Tender Loving Care

Give Your Trees Some Tender Loving Care

We’re finally getting the fall we deserved in Calgary … in November. But as the old adage goes, it’s better late than never. Although we’re raring to go with our snow removal services, we are also ok with staving off the cold weather for a little while. There’s still plenty we can do for you, including providing some tender loving care for your trees. Schedule us in for some tree pruning services now to keep your trees growing strong. 

Why We Love Trees

We think trees are amazing. Their immense benefit to the environment makes them pretty much priceless, plus they provide shade, shelter, and are just plain pretty. The fact that we can grow so many wonderful varietiesin our harsh climate is remarkable, and every living tree is a gift to Calgary.

We all remember learning how trees are essential for taking the carbon dioxide that humans breathe out and using photosynthesis to replace it with oxygen. Numbers provided by the Growing Air Foundation show just how important trees are. One tree produces about 260 pounds of oxygen a year, and one acre of trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe for a year. Because of the fact that that there are about 7.5 billion people on Earth, we need about 400 million acres of trees to sustain human life on the planet. 

Trees also build and support communities. They provide peaceful, contemplative, and aesthetically pleasing environments that improve the quality of life for everyone. They also give us essential medicines, food in the form of fruit and nuts, and the shade they provide serves to cool off entire cities by reducing the heat island effect caused by acres of concrete and pavement.

Tree Pruning for Health and Longevity

Not only is the weather right now is perfect for tree pruning, the trees themselves are also in the best state for being tended to. The leaves have all fallen and the trees have gone dormant. Dormancy means that trees have stopped growing and are conserving their energy for when conditions improve. This is ideal for tree pruning, as the “life” of a tree exists mainly in the roots and its core. Sap has stopped flowing, making limbs far more “woody,” and cuts will not expose fresh bark to attract disease as they do in the spring, summer, and fall. 

At this time of year it’s easier for us to access yards and commercial properties with our equipment, and branches are lighter and easier for us to manage and remove. In all reality, there is just no better time for taking care of your trees. 

Here are just a few reasons why tree pruning is so vital for their overall health and well-being.

Disease Management

Some of the more common tree diseases in Calgary include black knot disease, which affects maydays, chokecherries and lilacs, as well as oystershell scale, and leaf rollers

Sun scalding is also usual in the city, which is caused by the freezing of bark followed by warm temperatures in the winter. It can also be caused by the reflection of light off of snow. 

It’s far easier for us to spot trouble areas when there are no leaves on trees, and we can be more precise with our cuts. Cutting off diseased, broken or dead branches is better than them breaking off, as this rips the bark, which takes a lot more time to heal. The winter can be windy, and normally leaves act as a kind of shield from harsh gusts. Plus, spring cleaning is a lot more expedient when there are not a bunch of twigs and branches to pick up. 

Trimming for Better Growth

While we tackle the potentially deadly diseased parts of your trees, we can also thin out branches to allow for better growth. Thinning removes branches that are crowding others, and also helps a tree grow into stronger, healthier, and more beautiful shapes. Very old limbs should be removed in favour of younger ones when possible, and at no time should more than one-third of the total branches be removed. 

Don’t forget about your spruce and fir trees, too. They may seem like they require less care, but this is not true. Spruce and fir are just as susceptible to diseases, and also require regular pruning to get rid of dead branches.

Tree Pruning for Overall Property Care

There are expectations of care around trees in Calgary, which includes not allowing them to encroach on adjacent properties. The lower limbs of trees must be pruned up to a height of eight feet over sidewalks and up to fifteen feet over thoroughfares to avoid branches striking taller commercial and city vehicles. This is especially important in alleys, where garbage trucks need a clear path from home to home in order to reach garbage, recycling, and composting bins. 

In addition, trees should always be kept pruned well away from roofs and power lines. Downed trees and branches are a leading cause of power outages, and can be extremely dangerous to deal with. If one of your trees has become entangled with electrical wiring, contact ENMAX immediately at 403-514-6100.

Mirage Provides All Necessary Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services

In addition to tree pruning, we also provide landscape maintenance, construction, and snow removalservices. 

We specialize in serving the southeast of Calgary, where we both live and work. It’s where we know best. We have three generations worth of experience in the landscaping business in the area, and are proud of what our family business has been able to accomplish.  Let us know of any landscaping project you are thinking of, and we are happy to come by and discuss.


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