How Retaining Walls Can Help Improve Your Yard

How Retaining Walls Can Help Improve Your Yard

Retaining walls are great additions to a yard or business property that perform four functions. First, they add visual appeal, creating interesting levels and tiers to what can be an otherwise be a boring expanse of green. Second, they can help can save a ton of time in landscape maintenance by allowing you to cut back on mowing and upkeep. Third, they can assist with saving a lot of money in watering. And finally, they can be built to provide extra stability and support to neutralize the natural effects of gravity and erosion.

We at Mirage Landscaping have been building and installing retaining walls in Calgary for three generations now, and we highly recommend them for many types of properties.

The Three Main Functions of a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are perfect for Calgary’s many sloped properties. Basically what they do is provide more flat space, which is far easier to mow, water and plant on. 

Retaining walls can be built to increase the overall amount of usable land on a sloped property. Terraced retaining wall have been used like this for thousands of years, and are still employed by farmers in many parts of the world today to increase crop yields. Think of the beautiful ridged rice fields of the Philippines and you will get an idea of what we mean. Much of that land would not have been usable without retaining walls. 

Retaining walls can also save water. Given Calgary’s naturally hard, dry and arid earth, sloped properties can be terrible for wasting moisture. Sprinkler water will quickly run off the surface and into the gutters before it can be absorbed. And unless rain is relatively soft and prolonged, it won’t help either. Calgary’s fast and hard thundershowers cause for tons of runoff and really don’t work to assist much in keeping sloped properties green. In fact, they more often wash away much-needed nutrients and topsoil. Underground irrigationhelps to keep the ground moist and soft enough for water to soak in properly on sloped surfaces, but even then it’s not perfect. Retaining walls help to make the most out of your water dollars.

Retaining walls also add to the ambience of your yard. They are very easy to plant with interesting perennials and shrubs that will look beautiful and last well during our often-variable Calgary summers. They are just as easy to mulch infor our cold winters to provide additional longevity. We build our retaining walls with beautiful brick, and are skilled in masonry. Retaining walls can also be paved or bricked over to provide lots of room for extra seating, an outdoor kitchen or barbecue section, a play area for the kids or just an extra space for your annualpots.

To maintain your property easily, and keep it looking great, thank seriously about retaining wall if:

  • You live on a sloped property and have noticed the effects of erosion
  • Your home is downhill from a potential source of flooding
  • Your home’s foundation is at risk of being destabilized by moving earth and debris

Major Types of Retaining Walls

Broadly speaking, retaining walls can be grouped into two main types: structural retaining walls, and ornamental retaining walls. As the name implies, structural retaining walls are functionally necessary to prevent the problems associated with erosion and water runoff. While they are usually needed on properties with sharp slopes, some gentle slopes can even create these risks. If you’re not sure whether or not you need a structural retaining wall, it’s a good idea to get professional advice.

Ornamental walls are used for decorative purposes, and are often built from stone or bricks. They can also double as planters for gardens and trees, or as bases for any playground equipment you might add to your yard.

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