How to Prep Your Landscaping and Residence for Winter

How to Prep Your Landscaping and Residence for Winter

Doing some winter landscaping prep work will go a long way towards keeping your lawn and garden elements in good shape over the course of Calgary’s long cold-weather season. Here are some essential tasks you should take care of before the snow hits:

A Final Trim and Fertilization

The first tip for winter landscaping is to mow your lawn one last time during the fall to help prevent your grass from matting up beneath the snow, and will help your lawn return lush and full when spring returns. Experts also recommend that you fertilize in the fall as well, as this delivers essential nutrients your lawn needs to make it through the winter.

Spread Some Mulch

Mulch plays an important year-round role in maintaining a healthy lawn. During the winter, mulch keeps root structures protected and insulated from the cold, and in the early spring, it helps maintain temperature stability when weather conditions fluctuate between warmer days and cool, crisp nights.

Avoiding Lawn Damage

Professional landscapers also recommend that you avoid walking on your lawn during the winter, as this can create bare spots that may not grow over properly come spring. Pets can contribute to this problem, as they may constantly move around your lawn to stay warm while outdoors in winter.

It’s also good to change up your pet’s outdoor potty sites to avoid further lawn problems, as animal urine can cause permanent damage to grass and plants.

Shut Down Your Irrigation System

If you have an irrigation system installed, it should be serviced, drained, and shut down by a professional to guard against problems like frozen water in the pipes. Before you do, though, and before temperatures plunge below freezing every night, it’s a good idea to give your lawn and trees one last soak a few days after you complete your fall fertilization tasks.

Fall Planting

Some plants, such as tulips, lilies, ferns, peonies, flowering shrubs, flowering trees, and perennials actually grow very well in the crisp autumn conditions we typically experience in the Calgary area. It’s not too late to get a jump on your spring gardening by planting suitable vegetation during the autumn.

Winter Landscaping

One last essential winter task is to make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean and free of debris. Obstructions can lead to serious problems like ice dams, which can be costly and difficult to repair. It’s especially important to look after this if you have tree branches hanging over your roof, as leaves, twigs, and branches loosen and fall easily in blustery autumn conditions.

Mirage Landscaping Provides Year-Round Service in Calgary

The reliable, hardworking pros at Mirage Landscaping can take care of these essential winter lawn and garden prep tasks, as well as all your other property maintenance needs. Mirage also offers affordable custom patio and retaining wall construction services, and fall is an ideal time to book since demand is down at this time of year.

Also, remember that Mirage Landscaping is pleased to provide affordable and prompt snow removal services all winter long. Leave the labour to us! Visit Mirage today to get a fast, free, no-obligation quote for your fall property maintenance and winter snow removal needs.


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