It’s Annual Spring Clean Up and Lawn Care Time!

It’s Annual Spring Clean Up and Lawn Care Time!

At Mirage Landscaping, we’re here to take care of all your annual spring clean up needs. Our complete range of professional landscape design and property maintenance services help you enjoy green lawns, healthy shrubs and trees, and beautiful gardens all summer long. Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to get a jump-start on your post-winter clean up and prep tasks, and we can help.

Aeration and Fertilizing

Aeration and fertilizing are two key spring clean up tasks for healthy summer lawns in Calgary, especially because our winters – however mild they may be – never fail to wreak havoc on our green spaces. The best time to aerate your lawn is when the soil has a good deal of moisture, and the water released by melting snow makes early spring ideal. The goal of aeration is to allow more oxygen and water to penetrate into the roots of your grass, facilitating more robust growth.

Fertilizing further enriches the roots of your grass, making it healthier and more readily able to withstand the rigors of hot weather. While it may seem like a simple task, fertilization is best left to professionals who know how to avoid problems like nitrogen burn and understand how to achieve optimal results.

Lawn Care

After you’ve prepped your grass for success by aerating and fertilizing, if you don’t have us at Mirage coming by regularly, it’s time to brush up on best practices for mowing your lawn. Many people think of cutting the grass as little more than a chore, but it actually plays a major role in maintaining lawn health.

Follow these tips:

  • Be sure your mower blades are sharpened. Dull blades can tear your grass rather than cutting it clean, and over the long run, this can cause damage.
  • Adjust your mower’s height level to make sure it doesn’t cut any more than the top one-third of your lawn.
  • Avoid mowing your lawn when it is wet.
  • Before you cut your grass, do a quick check to make sure there aren’t any objects like rocks, toys or large sticks hidden out of view. These can harm your mower blades, and debris can be spat out and also injure a bystander.

Shrub and Bed Prep

The shrub and bed prep phase of your spring clean up plan will help you keep pests like weeds and dandelions and bay while undoing the toll winter took on your shrubs and soil. Proper preparation is vital if you’re going to be gardening, and pruning your shrubs is essential but requires specialized knowledge to be performed correctly. You can count on our knowledgeable professionals to perform the right pruning tasks at the right time!


Built-in irrigation systems are the perfect antidote to hot, dry summer weather. If you’ve already got one in place, we can test it out for you once we’re sure that the last of the winter season’s hard freezes have passed. This test should be performed by professionals like us, who have the expertise and necessary supplies on hand for repairs if something went wrong over the winter.

Make Mirage Your Complete Landscaping and Yard Maintenance Solution

At Mirage Landscaping, we’ve earned a reputation for providing excellent quality work at prices our customers can afford. Our goal is to make your property look great without breaking your budget, and we can design a customized set of services to meet your specific needs. To learn more, or to get a quote, please contact us today.


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