It’s Not to Soon to Schedule Your Spring Underground Irrigation Maintenance

It’s Not to Soon to Schedule Your Spring Underground Irrigation Maintenance

Although at the beginning of this week we saw what will hopefully be the final dump of snow we have to suffer through this season, it doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about scheduling your spring underground irrigation maintenance with Mirage Landscaping of Calgary. The temperatures have been warming up (slowly), which means that the ground is also getting warmer. It’s even possible that the ground will have thawed enough to start up your irrigation even before the last dregs of snow are gone. Get us to perform your Calgary spring clean-up at the same time as we come to check your irrigation and you will have a great jump-start on the growing season.

Didn’t Blow Your Sprinklers Out in the Fall? You May Have to Wait a Little Longer

We at Mirage highly recommend winterizing your underground irrigation by having it blown out in the fall. We are also highly aware that winter snuck up on us fast this year and many simply didn’t have the time to get our irrigation blown out before we were thoroughly blanketed under snow. Commercial and residential landscaping professionals recommend blowing your underground irrigation system’s pipes out regularly with compressed air, as this is the most effective way to make sure they are clear of debris that could cause blockages. We advise against trying to blow out your system on your own, especially if it’s been awhile since it was done, as specialized knowledge is required to perform the task correctly.

Since the temperatures were unusually cold this winter, if you didn’t have your sprinkler system winterized it’s more than likely the residual water has frozen inside your pipes. That means you will have to wait for temperatures to be consistently above zero for several weeks in order to test them. A good rule of thumb is to wait until you can easily push a long screwdriver or other instrument at least 18 inches into the ground without resistance. And don’t rush to start your irrigation the first day you can do this. Bide your time for at least another week of warm temperatures to be completely safe.

Failure to wait long enough to start your underground irrigation system if it wasn’t properly winterized can result in burst pipes (which are extremely difficult and time consuming to repair), as well as damage to your sprinklers heads that may end up requiring their replacement.

Spring Irrigation Testing and Maintenance

It’s a given that you should rely on professional southeast Calgary landscaping services like Mirage to handle your irrigation start-up tasks if your system wasn’t drained and properly shut down in the fall. If you were able to have your system winterized, however, you will be able to start it up faster than those who didn’t.

When Mirage Landscaping comes by to start up your irrigation we will:

  • Turn the system’s water valve on
  • Check each sprinkler head individually and replace any heads that are damaged before starting the water
  • Ensure that each sprinkler station is not suffering from obvious leaks or water flow interruptions

Then we will slowly introduce flowing water and carefully observe the functioning of each sprinkler head during your first seasonal test run. We will watch each zone and make sure each sprinkler head is set so that you are getting the maximum amount of moisture you can without wasting water.

Don’t Have Underground Irrigation? Here’s Why You Should Consider it!

Regular watering certainly helps the health of your grass, and a professional irrigation system installation by Mirage Landscaping will generate outstanding results, delivering moisture straight to where it’s needed most. Spring is a great time to install an irrigation system as it gives you the whole summer to test it. It’s also less invasive for your current trees, shrubs and perennials to disturb them before they begin to re-root and begin their growing season.

Irrigation systems offer four main benefits:

  • They save you time — you’ll never need to spend hours watering your lawn ever again
  • They save water by efficiently distributing resources without wasting a drop
  • Maintaining a regular watering schedule is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lawn
  • A beautiful green lawn improves your home’s curb appeal — and that raises its value!

About Mirage Landscaping

For three generations, homeowners and businesses have trusted their Calgary landscape maintenance and construction needs to Mirage Landscaping. Working mainly in the southeast area of the city, Mirage’s commitment to unique design and high standards of customer service and craftsmanship is evident in our leadership and crew. The owner of Mirage Landscaping will bring his years of experience as well as his dedication to exceptional service to your landscaping project. Contact Mirage today!


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