It’s Patio Time in Calgary! Update Your Yard With Beautiful Brick, Stone or Concrete

It’s Patio Time in Calgary! Update Your Yard With Beautiful Brick, Stone or Concrete

It’s Patio Time in Calgary! Update Your Yard With Beautiful Brick, Stone or Concrete

As the days warm, and the air fills with scents of blossoms and freshly cut grass, the urge to spend more evenings in your backyard intensifies. Without a patio of some sort, you are not maximizing your enjoyment of the Calgary’s crisp spring nights, the long twilight of summer, and the hints of winter in the autumn. Whether you need a patio, or want an older one replaced, are in the process of new construction and want something beyond what the contractor is planning, or even want to build a quiet oasis for taking breaks behind your office building, we can handle your project.

At Mirage Landscaping we have extensive experience building Calgary area patios of all description Your options are virtually endless and they all begin with the fact that we can bring our manpower and vision to bear on your project. Do you require a subsiding or cracked concrete slab removed? Do you find that you need the ground your patio will rest upon either leveled or subtlety graded so that rain and melt water harmlessly drains away from your structure? We can handle the demolition and ground preparation ourselves and save you the hassle of finding separate contractors to handle the various phases of your job.

At Mirage Landscaping your total satisfaction is our goal. Patios are a space for entertaining that provides your guests insights into your tastes and sensibilities. To create, and leave a positive impression, you don’t want to have your backyard dinner or drinking guests forced to find their footing on a rotting and weather beaten wooden rail-less deck inches from the ground. You want the solidity of permanent patio, one made of concrete and/or pavers.


 Concrete has come a long way in the past couple of decades. It’s not all boring squares or rectangles of gray. Concrete can be consistently coloured with pigments these days and hues from gold, to amber, to cobalt blue, or even shades approaching black, can be poured for not too much more per cubic yard of material. Poured coloured concrete can even be polished for a more dramatic final effect.

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete paving forms also provide an endless variety of options, limited only by your budget. You can use large area designer pavers in patterns. You could deploy hexagonal or octagonal pavers embossed with surface patterns alternated with plain ones to create a stepping stone path through your patio that carries on to a garden area or to a shed. You can use large forms permanently laid into the ground in any pattern you desire, all linked together by gravel implanted in concrete to provide contrast.

Dry Fitting or Mortar Fitting Pavers

If you are looking for a dramatic patio that saves some expense on materials and labour, you could consider dry fitting or mortar fitting pavers. This arrangement won’t have the inherent “eternal” feel of a slab or concrete placed pavers, but it too has advantages. If you break a paver, or ground conditions cause a frost heave, you can have us come by and replace the damage, or you could find yourself willing to tackle light damage yourself. Alternately, you could use dry fitted pavers as the interior of a surround that we build with short retaining walls as perimeter seating. This type of design is especially good for entertaining, particularly around a fire pit, without worrying about how many patio chairs you need.

Whatever your patio vision is, Mirage Landscaping can turn it into reality. Why not begin with a no obligation quote?  We’d be happy to come by, hear about your project and give you an honest cost appraisal.

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