It’s Time for Your Fall Irrigation Blow Out

It’s Time for Your Fall Irrigation Blow Out

At this time of year we all need to schedule two very important tasks for our properties: a fall clean-up and an irrigation blow out. A good fall clean-up will save you a lot of time and effort in the spring, get your green space started off on the right foot, plus help stave off the spread of plant-destroying pests. A professional fall irrigation blow out will ensure sprinkler systems survive the winter intact and not require costly repairs when the ground warms up and it’s time to start watering.

A Final Check

At Mirage Landscaping, we have all the tools and know-how necessary to put your underground irrigation system to bed properly for the winter. Before we drain your sprinkler system we will do a thorough check to make sure everything is working properly. We can perform a series of tests designed to spot problems like leaks big and small, improperly buried pipes, not enough water pressure, issues with fittings, poor drainage and rocks and pebbles stuck in your sprinkler heads. We can also make sure your sprinkler heads haven’t rotated since they were set, and so are still watering effectively and efficiently. The earlier you spot these problems and the more promptly they are repaired, the better. Plus, it means you will be ready to start watering as soon as it’s warm enough in the spring.

Why an Irrigation Blow Out is Important

Draining your underground irrigation is a task that needs to be performed correctly. Even just a trace amount of water trapped in the pipes could cause serious damage. When the ground freezes, pipes start to get cold and become more brittle. Any remaining water in the pipes will freeze, expand, and cause pipes to crack. When you start your irrigation back up in the spring, water will be forced through the crack instead of to your sprinkler. Your sprinklers will obviously not work properly, and you will be stuck with a large underground leak.

Underground leaks are difficult to repair. The crack in the pipe can be very hard to find, and so a lot of digging is usually required. Once the leak is found, a section of the pipe will have to be replaced. All of this requires time and labour. 

When we come for your irrigation blow out, first we will turn off the main water valve. For larger systems, like those of some of our commercial properties, we then go to each of the individual drain boxes to open the valve and let as much water drain out that way as possible. Finally, we will “blow out” each zone of your system. We use an industrial air compressor for this task, as this is the most effective way to make sure all the water has been expelled.

Underground Sprinklers Save Time and Money

At Mirage Landscaping, we have been installing and maintaining underground irrigation systems for decades. Installation is less costly than you may realize, and a properly maintained sprinkler system will last your entire business career and then some. Problems are unusual, but with proper care and attention, they are easily fixable by a professional.

What we will do is set up specific watering zones with the optimal type of sprinkler for the type of vegetation they cover. There are a number of different sprinkler types available that will deliver the exact amount of water necessary in the right way to keep your plants nice and healthy without any waste.

Underground irrigations can be set on a timer to deliver moisture at the right time of day. Watering in the cool of the early morning, usually before most people are even awake, is most effective. You’ll avoid losing moisture through evaporation by watering in the heat of the day. This helps save a lot of this precious resource. In addition, many underground systems come with rain sensors that know when moisture has fallen, and will shut themselves off until it is the right time to water again, relieving any worry about “overwatering.” Regularly watering plants at the same time, on a daily schedule, according to the needs of the various elements of your lawn and plantings, promotes great growth and reduces waste.

Mirage Landscaping Serves Southeast Calgary

Come winter Mirage Landscaping in Calgary works through the “off season”, performing snow removal services for our commercial and residential clients to keep your business’s property snow and ice-free.

With three generations of landscaping residential and commercial properties in Calgary, we have experience to take on just about any project imaginable. Have a look at our portfolio and contact us for a free quote on any outdoor project.


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