Keeping Winter Out of Your Home and Business

Keeping Winter Out of Your Home and Business

Winter is an unpredictable season here in Calgary; one day, the city is shivering under plummeting temperatures and heavy snowfall, and the next, Chinook winds blow in, melting snow and ice and creating a big, sloppy mess. This creates real problems for home and business owners struggling to keep their floors clean and clear. It’s all but impossible to keep winter off your footwear when you’re walking in Calgary at this time of year, and when show and slush get tracked indoors, surfaces become slippery. This can damage your floors, to say nothing of the trip and fall hazards that can create liability nightmares for property owners.

So, what can you do to keep winter out of your home or place of business? Expert snow removal services for your sidewalks and parking lots is a great start, and strategically placed floor mats can help, but they often aren’t enough. If you really want to kick winter to the curb, you’ve got to be a little more proactive.

Snow Removal is Your First Line of Defense against Slippery Floors

Chances are you’ve noticed a correlation between the mess that winter can cause and the amount of foot traffic in your home or business. While floor mats might not be enough to solve the problem on their own, they are effective and they should definitely be part of your overall strategy.

Here’s how to use them to best effect:

  • Place a thick floor mat with well-defined bristles right at the main point of entry to your home or business.
  • At home, make it a household rule to wipe your feet when coming indoors and remove your shoes before heading into the house. No exceptions!
  • At a place of business, encourage customers to wipe their feet on the mat before entering the store. Put up a sign explaining that everyone needs to do their part to help keep the floor clean and safe. Some visitors might ignore it, but most will comply with your request, and that will get you headed in the right direction.
  • Keep towels, rags and mops within easy reach at points of entry. If snow and slush get tracked inside, clean it up right away.
  • Plastic runners can also help in offices and places of business. They protect floors while reducing slip and fall hazards. Give them a try if you’re having ongoing problems.

Use this Pro Tip to Banish Snow and Slush

Here’s an underused strategy that can go a long way to keep snow and slush out of your home or business: use de-icing compounds before it snows, not after. You’ll have to pay close attention to the weather forecast, and that’s no fun if you’re not a fan of cold temperatures, but at least you’ll be prepared. Being proactive instead of reactive is one of the best ways to stop wintry messes in their tracks.

Recommended de-icing products include:

  • Sodium chloride, a.k.a. road salt or rock salt
  • Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride
  • Urea and potassium chloride

Take these chemical properties into consideration as you’re weighing your options:

  • Calcium chloride is corrosive and toxic to grass, so keep it away from your lawn.
  • Urea and potassium chloride are used in fertilizers, and they’re safe for grass. But they also come with  drawbacks: urea is corrosive, and potassium chloride can damage underlying concrete. 

More Ways to Stop Slush and Show in Their Tracks

Finally, use these additional strategies to keep your floors clean and dry:

  • Place generously sized footwear racks at the door, right near your big, bristly floor mat
  • Wipe off pet paws after walks
  • Consider moving your main entrance during the winter months if you can; for example, if you’ve got an attached garage that leads into the house, have people enter through that door and leave their footwear outside

Professional Snow Removal Services for Calgary Homeowners and Businesses

At Mirage Landscaping, we take pride in providing affordable, prompt and reliable snow removal services that help homeowners and businesses bust slush and banish snow. Our services include driveway, sidewalk, and parking lot snow and ice management, all delivered by experienced hard-working professionals.

With our help, you can keep your floors clear of tracked-in snow, slush and ice, creating a safer and cleaner environment, all for less than you would expect to pay. Visit us online today to get a free snow and ice management service quote.


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