Landscaping in Calgary: Drainage Solutions

Landscaping in Calgary: Drainage Solutions

Landscaping in Calgary: Drainage Solutions

Landscaping in Calgary can be a tough task. No matter how hard you try, it’s certain there will be one or more situations every year that are out of your control and that cause harm to your plants and flowers. From aphids to early frost — the possibilities for a garden disaster are endless.

There are a few things you can take charge of, though, and drainage is one of them. With the thawing warmth and rains of spring coming, it is the ideal time of year to assess—and to correct—any drainage issues you may have with your yard, garden or commercial property. The damage that can be caused by improper drainage can be as severe as foundational damage to your home. Precious topsoil can easily run off with wasted water, you can accidentally drown your expensive perennials, and extra moisture often allows fungus and pests to move in.

Causes of Improper Drainage

The causes of improper drainage are diverse. Your lot may have never been graded properly, or there was insufficient attention paid to soil type and erosion possibilities. Regular amounts of standing water turning parts of your yard or office park into a marsh could also be because your property is too shady for the amount of irrigation it receives.  For those landscaping in Calgary, whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner, during your spring clean up it’s a great time to assess drainage concerns…before you start planting.

Sites that take longer than seems usual to drain are often built upon the familiar hard, grey clay well-known to anyone who has tried to dig to some depth in Calgary. Often called “hard pan”, the clay is water impermeable, and does not allow moisture to sink in, as would a more loamy soil. And homes or properties built on hills or slopes are especially hard to keep irrigated properly. Water obviously runs down hills first, and takes lighter, sandier particles of soil with it. A sudden melting, or a heavy summer cloudburst can severely erode hillsides, causing everything from grooves in your lawn to the toppling of shallow rooted trees.

Solve Your Drainage Problems

In sloped areas, retaining walls are a great way to control drainage and improve your chances of successful landscaping in Calgary. A retaining wall with toe drains at its base keeps soil where it is supposed to be, and offers supplemental drainage in case of heavy rains or melt.

Mirage Landscaping is one of Calgary’s leading full service landscapers, and we are skilled in retaining wall construction. We can help determine whether or not a gravity or reinforced retaining wall is required for your particular project, and our irrigation and maintenance services can keep everything in check for years to come.

For those with areas that are not draining properly for reasons that are not immediately obvious, the solution may be as simple as adding a heavy layer of quality topsoil. But that option may not be available for landscapers with already established lawns and gardens.

To improve the absorbency of your soil and therefore allow more water to reach the roots of your garden plants, cultivate often and well. Add extra soil, peat moss and fertilizer at the beginning of the season, and be diligent about maintenance. Eventually you will begin to see a difference in the overall health of your soil and, as a result, your shrubs, trees, perennials and annuals will benefit as well.

Contact Mirage Landscaping in Calgary and get a no obligation quote about your irrigation needs. During Mirage Landscaping’s comprehensive Spring Clean Up Service we can identify or assess any drainage concerns you may be having, and begin digging for the best solution.

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