Lawn Care for Spring – Top 7 Best Plants for Pretty Gardens

Lawn Care for Spring – Top 7 Best Plants for Pretty Gardens

Lawn Care for Spring – Top 7 Best Plants for Pretty Gardens

Lawn care for spring is a fun and exciting time for many people, especially those who have a green thumb, for those who may not possess the same; there are a few plants and flowers that work well for enhancing the look of a spring lawn. The sooner colour is infused into a garden; the more beautiful it will look. This also adds to the lush green beauty of a clean healthy lawn.

Dahlias are a beautiful choice for any garden since there are several different types that will not only add wonderful colour but also lovely texture in the garden. They also vary in the size and height, making them a great choice for layering garden beds for colour throughout the season.
Sun and Watering: Moist soil with good drainage and full sun. Also make sure they are given ample room for air. This will provide the best results for the garden.

For early blooms in spring, primrose is one of the best choices for gardens. Not only do they have striking colours that add a wonderful splash of colour in a garden but they are also fairly easy to care for. They can be planted in gardens or pots, depending on the lawn and garden design for the season.

Sun and Watering: Moist soil with good drainage and partial shade works best for primrose.

Tulips are the classic spring and summer flowers that seem to immediately brighten up even the most drab looking lawn and garden areas. They are hearty flowers that come in a wide range of colours and types, which is perfect for even beginner gardeners.

Sun and Watering: A well-drained area and warm sunny spot will work well for virtually all tulip types.

The lovely petunia is a garden classic that many people like to use for infusing bursts of colour and simply because they are easy to care for that even beginners can look like pros.

Sun and Watering: Petunias prefer well-drained soil and full sun for the best results. Also remember to plant them at least 12 inches apart for a greater number of blooms.

Lovely little flowers that range in colour, the crocus is one of the symbols of spring since they are among the first blooms to appear in the season with some of them even popping up through the snow. They are a wonderful addition to frame a lawn or garden. Since they tend to grow low, they are ideal for borders.

Sun and Watering: Well drained fertile soil with ample sunlight works very well for crocus blooms.

Another cheerful flower that give and lawn and garden zest for the season, the daffodil is hearty and can grow in many different soil types, making it a favourite for many gardeners.

Sun and Watering: Cooler, semi-shaded areas are a good choice for daffodils and they prefer moister environments.

The classic rose bush is a stunning addition for home gardens since they have an exquisite look that immediately adds class to a home. Roses come in an incredible array of styles and colours, and they are available in lovely fragrant species.

Sun and Watering: Well-drained fertile soil and full sun works well for roses. The most important thing to remember for the best results is to prune regularly. This will provide more room for the healthy blooms and even provide more flower cover for a striking garden look.


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