Lawn Care in Spring – Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Lawn

Lawn Care in Spring – Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Lawn

Lawn Care in Spring – Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Lawn

Many people neglect proper lawn care in spring, thinking that preparation should be left until later on in the season, but this is one of the biggest mistakes that many people make. Proper lawn care can begin right after the last frost so that the soil can get ready for the warmer weather to provide a lush and healthy lawn.

Despite the type of winter season that the garden had to endure, it’s important to remember that the lawns and gardens are simply more vulnerable at this stage and require the tender loving care it needs to produce a healthy stage of growth for the warmer months. This is also important to start the lawn on a healthy path so that it would be able to defend against common pests and diseases that many poorly maintained lawns succumb to.
In order to make the most of the coming months, there are several things that should and should not be done for lawn care in spring. Pay close attention since they are the most common things that people either forget to do or go overboard doing, which leads to less than ideal conditions for the lawns and gardens.

Do Get Rid of Snow
Many people shovel snow into piles which takes them a long time to melt once warmer spring weather sets in. Try to disperse the snow so that it can melt faster and to give the grass or plants underneath a chance to recover and gain nutrients from the sun. Avoid salting areas on or near lawns and gardens since it will greatly affect the soil underneath. Also, try to avoid ripping the snow/ice away from the grass since it will most likely tear out chunks of the grass and plants underneath.

Do Not Fertilize in Excess
One thing that many people believe for fertilizer is “the more, the better”. This unfortunately is false and one of the top reasons lawns and gardens do not grow as lush and healthy as owners would like. By over fertilizing, the soil becomes saturated with the nitrogen, creating a less than ideal environment for new grass and plants to grow in. Always consider adding fertilizer during the season so that the nutrients can be dispersed evenly throughout the entire growth period.

Do Overseed
Most lawns will not survive the winter season without some amount of damage or missing patches of grass. One of the top tips for lawn care in spring is to overseed the lawn. By overseeding some of the thinner and bare patches they will fill out the emptiness and create a rich looking full lawn that looks healthy throughout the season. Make sure to seed evenly and add a little extra in the areas that need it most.

Do Not Forget Water
Always remember to water regularly, especially after seeding the lawn. For the first two to three weeks after seeding, it’s important for the lawn to get ample water and sunlight so that the seeds are able to properly germinate. This will ensure the best start for a stunning lawn that everyone can enjoy.

Always consult professionals if there is some doubt about the proper procedures for lawns and gardens and try to follow these few simple tips for lawn care in spring so that the rest of the warm spring and summer days will be filled with beautiful greenery in a healthy environment.


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