Lawn Care Tips For Home Properties: Landscape Design in Calgary 

Lawn Care Tips For Home Properties: Landscape Design in Calgary 

Lawn Care Tips For Home Properties: Landscape Design in Calgary 

At Mirage Landscaping in Calgary we have over three generations of experience as the city’s premier commercial and residential landscaping design and maintenance firm.

We take care of green expanses large and small and have developed techniques to tackle all kinds of lawn mowing problems. Proper procedures combined with decades of experience means we can mow your lawn faster and with better results.

We have well-maintained commercial push or riding mowers at our disposal, all operated by crew members who mow more lawn area in a week than most will this entire spring and summer. Contact us for a free quote and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how competitive we are.

Preparation is Vital

It is amazing how many DIY-ers will begin the spring mowing their lawns with a dull blade trying to get through thick grass. Whether gas, electrical, or human powered, all lawn mowers require routine maintenance and a blade sharpening before each season. Striking rocks, gravel, decorative stones, the ground and fallen branches will damage the blade.

The blades of nearly all mowers are easily removed and sharpened. Of course, always ensure the lawn mower is off and the gas cap is on tight before tipping it over. Take it in to your local hardware store, or else you can take sharpening stones, files or grinding tools to it for a proper shaping up. Note that when you sharpen a blade yourself to keep the cutting edge’s angle consistent with its original design and never risk overheating the blade’s edge while employing a power tool. If you ruin the blade’s temper along the edge it will never wear right again.

Best Mowing Practices

Thoroughly search your yard for hidden objects before starting, and before setting out, make sure the cutting height of your mower is set to only take off the top third of the grass blades. Mowing is stressful to the plant, and the less stress you put on the grass by not cutting it deeply, the more lush it will appear over time. Also, try not to mow the grass when it is wet. The weight of water will cause the grass to lay down and results in an inconsistent cut as well as matting where the wheels of your mower will press the grass down to the point where it will not spring back up to be mowed itself.

If you like the look of directional “stripes,” with a bordering “frame” as one sees on a golf course or baseball field, the technique used is to start with a cut first made in the center of the area to be mowed and then work outward to the perimeter. Make sure that the mowed lines overlap somewhat to prevent creating unsightly wheel tracks or ruts in the grass. Once you get to the edges of the lawn being mowed, create a cut line that rings the perimeter with the frame. With practice, you can make multiple passes that lay down diamond patterns, or by crosscutting, leave as little patterning as is possible.

You Can Always Go With The Calgary Mowing Professionals

Relieve yourself of this chore through Calgary’s brief summer by hiring the master mowers of Mirage Landscaping of Calgary, where no lawn mowing job is too big or too small.

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