Laws For Commercial Property Snow Removal in Calgary

Laws For Commercial Property Snow Removal in Calgary

Laws For Commercial Property Snow Removal in Calgary

Sooner than you think, you may be looking for snow removal services in Calgary. The time to think about snow removal is before the snow flies in amounts where you will be breaking out a shovel or a blower.
Under the legal code of the City of Calgary, specifically Street Bylaw 20M88, as an owner or tenant of any private property adjacent to a sidewalk, you are personally responsible for the removal of snow and ice within 24 hours of its depositing. If you have lived in Calgary for many winters, you will have a crystal clear understanding of how onerous this requirement can be. There have been many times where the snow accumulates to a depth necessitating removal within 24 hours, and you cleared it just in time for the next snow storm.

Snow Removal in Calgary

The trouble is that Alberta doesn’t allow Calgary to slack off, and the City, in its turn, is rather efficient about getting on its citizenry to keep the sidewalks clear of snow and ice. The City actually has to perform snow clearing itself under Alberta’s Municipal Government Act, which catalogues and prioritizes the City’s snow and ice removal efforts. If you didn’t know, Olympic Plaza, overpasses, steps, and bus pads come first. As you could probably guess, if you adjoin City maintained property, complaints from its private sector neighbours have the lowest priority.

Even if Calgary’s snow removal priorities do not track with your own, you are best advised to not let your own responsibilities slide past the 24 hour mark. If you do not clear the snow and ice you are responsible for, and the City winds up doing it for you, you will face a services rendered surcharge on your property tax bill.

The City usually will issue you a clean-up warning via their Animal & Bylaws Services personnel, but they are not required to do so. Generally speaking, Animal & Bylaw Services will only come around on a complaint basis. Nevertheless, ignoring snow and ice accumulation for more than 24 hours can trigger official action all on its own. If City of Calgary’s employees have the snow and ice removed from your sidewalk, it will be at the property owner’s expense. The costs charged will vary depending upon the length of sidewalk cleared and the amount of accumulation that has to be removed.

Simply Snow Removal With Mirage!

Even without the possible coercion of the City as a factor, just think of the tedium involved in clearing your own snow or ice all winter long. You clear it, and it returns. You chip away ice, and then it snows again. You travel to the do-it-yourself emporium and buy sand, or you take containers to the nearest firehouse and arrange to get it for free. If you are of advancing age, you could call upon the City’s “Snow Angels” volunteers, but you, your loved ones, your neighbours, the mail carrier, delivery and repair people, and playing children still face a distinct and avoidable slip and fall hazard while you wait for volunteers to make time for your sidewalks.

Why not outsource this entire headache? At Mirage Landscaping in Calgary, we have spent three generations  of winters removing snow and ice  from the properties of our commercial and residential clients. We are fully aware of the City’s bylaws and the 24-hour time limit.

No matter how big or small of a snow removal job you may have this winter, Mirage Landscaping of Calgary has the manpower, the power equipment, and the trucks, to get your snow and ice removed expeditiously. Whether you need your walk, driveway, and sidewalk cleared, or you need an entire shopping center’s parking lot plowed and sidewalks cleared and sanded, we can tackle the job.

Mirage Landscaping is committed to the safety of everyone who visits our clients’ properties throughout the winter. Our incomparable ability to provide reliable and timely snow removal service has allowed us to cultivate many long-term partnerships with our customers. We always stand ready to answer your questions, provide you a free quote, and respond promptly to your immediate snow removal needs.

Unsafe winter conditions can pose financial risks to businesses, commercial property owners, and homeowners alike. Your insurance premiums are completely tied to your injury claims experience history. A wintertime slip and fall accident is not only totally foreseeable following haphazard or lackluster efforts at snow and ice management, those accidents are totally preventable too. Let us become your partner in providing snow removal services, one who you can count on for years to come.

Stay inside, nice and warm, while we handle the back breaking shoveling and deicing. Once you’ve experienced watching snow removal, rather than performing it, you’ll never want to grab your snow shovel again.

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