Make the Most of Your Summer With a Professional Landscaping Company’s Services

Make the Most of Your Summer With a Professional Landscaping Company’s Services

Calgary’s lawns and properties take a beating during the winter, and it can take awhile to bring them back to the green expanses we enjoy so much. With such a short summer in Calgary, nobody wants to spend it fighting to make their lawn healthy and green during their precious spare time. But we at Mirage know how, because we’ve been doing it for three generations. We are a family-owned landscaping company in Calgary specializing in servicing the southeast area of the city, and we want to help you make the most of your summer.

Why Go Green?

First off, green grass is, simply, good for the environment. A healthy lawn produces oxygen, just like trees and shrubbery, and it’s also nice to look at and lie on. And, it can even increase your property’s value. Some studies say that attractive landscaping can add up to 5% to the worth of your land. Your property is the first thing people see when approaching your home or business, and you want it to make the right kind of statement. Your landscaping and how it’s maintained says a lot about you and your home or company.

Additionally, City of Calgary bylaws mandate that the length of grass be kept at less than 15 cm (six inches) in height.” This does not apply to xeriscaping and cultivated gardens. Owners of lawns that exceed these guidelines may be subject to a fine, as well as property owners who fail to keep weeds such as dandelions under control.

Mirage Lawn Care Maintenance Schedules

An organized maintenance schedule is how to start cultivating a healthy lawn or commercial property. Mirage starts with a good spring clean up, which is one of the most important tasks you can perform for your garden. We power-rake, aerate and fertilize, clear out debris, edge and rake tree wells and gardens and make sure to remove all grass clippings.

Throughout the summer we arrive for regular mowing (bi-weekly early in the season, then weekly when grass really starts to take root), as well as spray dandelions, weed your gardens, prep for planting and pick up trash. Later in August we will spread a second application of fertilizer, trim shrubs in preparation for fall and edge tree wells and garden areas. We also keep a look out for any pests or diseases that may harm your garden.

Then, come fall, we come to rake your leaves, provide a winter pruning to get your trees and shrubs through the winter and give your lawn one last cut before the first frost.

Tips From the Mowing Pros

When cutting grass we always make sure to set the blade height of our mowers to only take off the top third of the grass blades. Mowing is stressful to the plant, and the less stress you put on the grass by not cutting it too deeply, the more lush it will appear over time. Grass cut too short will not retain moisture from watering, as well, as the sun is likely to cause it to evaporate before it sinks into the earth. Short grass is also more prone to “burning,” which is when it is overexposed to the sun, turns yellow and dies off. Finally, overly short grass is also more susceptible to weed invasion. 

Another tip is to wait until grass is dry to mow. The weight of water causes grass to lay down and results in an inconsistent cut.

Finally, the look of directional “stripes,” with a bordering “frame” as one sees on a golf course or baseball field, is a technique we work hard to employ. We start with a cut made in the centre of the area to be mowed and then work outward to the perimeter. We make sure that the mowed lines overlap somewhat to prevent creating unsightly wheel tracks or ruts in the grass. Once we get to the edges of the lawn being mowed, we create a cut line that rings the perimeter with the frame.

You Can Always Go With The Calgary Mowing Professionals

Relieve yourself of the major landscaping chore of lawn mowing and maintenance during Calgary’s brief summer by hiring the master mowers of Mirage Landscaping of Calgary, where no lawn maintenance job is too big or too small.

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