Mirage Landscape Construction Calgary – Create a Garden Oasis

Mirage Landscape Construction Calgary – Create a Garden Oasis

Mirage Landscape Construction Calgary – Create a Garden Oasis

Mirage Landscaping is all over Calgary year-round performing jobs for both commercial and residential clients. Landscape construction is our business, and we do everything. We plant trees, install irrigation systems, build retaining walls and simply performing routine lawn maintenance. We treat every job our customers entrust us with as the most important one on our list.

And some of the projects we do for our residential clients are simply flat out fun, especially when we are able to work closely with a client who wants to transform their yard into their personal garden oasis.

There are only three limits upon what you can do to recast your boring back yard into your private retreat and summer entertainment centre. First, everything has to be legal and built or planted to conform with applicable building codes or laws barring planting on public property, etc. The second factor is the practical limits of your imagination. The third, of course is your budget.

We at Mirage Landscaping like to think our experience loosens those constraints, and our portfolio in Calgary can prove it! If you want to take your backyard from the same old patch of grass to a personalized retreat, we are the ones to do it.

Do you want a Japanese-style mix of groomed rock gardens, with contemplative pieces and wooden walkways? We can build that. Do you want to bring a little California dreaming to Alberta with multi-level decking and a fire pit surrounded by wooden benches for sipping a late night glass of Napa Valley’s finest? We know how to do that. Perhaps you fancy a large outdoor cooking station with a rustic outdoor pizza oven? We can do that too.
There is literally no limit upon what you can do, even with a small space. Do you live in a row house with one of those narrow but deep backyards? You could have a raised bed garden built where the maximum amount of sunlight can reach it, and still have a cooking and entertaining area with a pergola over it, upon which we can train vines that will one day keep prying eyes from your neighbour’s second and third stories off of your party.

Perhaps you feel your backyard is “useless” because it is “too hilly” or has other unusual contours? That too can be transformed. A hill that is otherwise a technical challenge for mowing can be completely changed through the thoughtful use of terracing. We can construct expertly planned retaining walls so that you can transform a hill into useful beds for a garden, a level site for a built-in hot tub, or simply improve drainage and erosion control on the property.

Even if you have the backyard of your dreams, if you have ever considered how landscaping can make your home look like the most inviting one on your block, we have three generations’ worth of experience in creating great first impressions. We can plant ornamental flowers in expertly crafted beds and run micro-irrigation to all of them to put your mind at ease on those hot days. If too much upkeep for your busy lifestyle, we can deal with that too. Maybe your property is a good candidate for a short ornamental wrought iron or ornamental stone or brick wall upon which low maintenance creeping vines could be grown.

Even if you live on the edge of, or outside of Calgary, and perhaps find yourself rolling your eyes at the thought of all of the deer you are going to attract to eat up your carefully planted flowers or vegetables, we can plan for that too. We have the know how to select perennials that will give you both a visually stunning garden but also one that deer will not eat even if famished.

Lastly, maybe you find yourself scoffing, “I have a modern lot the size of a postage stamp, what can you possibly do with it?” Yes, it’s a difficult notion to accept that any size yard, front or back, can be visually transformed if it lacks depth. We can deal with this problem too. A bare concrete or aggregate patio can be made into a garden oasis with the use of potted plants and hangers to build the illusion of a garden spot. We know all of the dwarf tree varietals which will thrive here and provide decades of beauty and shade and we can even run irrigation systems to them as well.

Whatever issues your property presents, we have the ability to solve them all. Why not contact Mirage Landscaping in Calgary and get a free quote on your commercial or residential landscaping project?

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