Mirage Landscaping in Calgary: Care For Your Commercial Property

Mirage Landscaping in Calgary: Care For Your Commercial Property

Mirage Landscaping in Calgary: Care For Your Commercial Property

When it comes to choosing a commercial landscaping firm in Calgary, you can never be too careful. Some have developed bad habits! As with any employee or supplier, ensure that not only are you contracting with a reputable business or individual, but also one that guarantees professional work and comes with impeccable references.

At Mirage Landscaping in Calgary we are only too happy to provide our prospective commercial lawn maintenance clients with examples of other companies we serve around Calgary. Our commercial accounts in the city include Safeway, Sears, La-Z-Boy Furniture, Trail Appliances and Simco Management. View our extensive portfolio of past work to get a sense of the meticulous nature of our work.

Commercial landscaping demands highly professional organization and execution. Mirage Landscaping will arrive at your place of business early enough to not disrupt your operations, with a large enough crew to get in, get the job done, and leave your property looking its absolute best, all the while making sure not to damage your trees or scalp your lawn.

Is your current landscaper up to our standards? Follow this checklist and double check the work that is being done. Remember that your landscaping is the veritable “front door” of your business, one that demands attention to details such as these:

Are Your Trees Intact?

Being unprofessionally hasty in landscaping can be tremendously damaging to your trees. 

Go examine the lower part of your trees for telltale damage of the trunk bark. If there are gouges and chunks missing, this could be sign of it being struck by the decking of a riding mower. If there is an unbroken perimeter of damaged bark a few fingers’ width up from the base, what you are seeing is where your tree has been scored by bad use of a trimmer. Damaging trees is entirely avoidable when proper care is taken. 

Damaged bark can be a portal to disease and pest infestation, and are expensive to replace. We know they are integral to your landscape, and will always watch out for your trees.

Do Your Grounds Look As Good As They Should?

Do you see confetti in your grass? If so, that is a sign that your current landscaper didn’t check the area for trash beforehand and instead ran it over with the mower. That’s unprofessional. Are there chips in the curbs, sidewalks, benches, and other permanent fixtures? This could mean that care is not being taken with loading and unloading the mower, or indicate the careless use of power edgers or line trimmers again.

Finally, is your grass as lush as you wish it to be? A power rake to remove entrenched thatch in the spring is essential. On a related note, do you see any area of the grounds appear “shaven” or are yellowing where the rest of the lawn is green? This is called “scalping,” where the grass has literally been shaved almost to the root system itself due to a mower being improperly pushed or driven over a mound or hill.

Does Your Landscaper Show Up When Needed Most?

Though our growing season in Calgary is short, grass growth does explode here and merits extra mowing early. Come fall, the leaves need to be removed in a timely manner to keep your customers safe from slipping, your grounds looking tidy and your parking lot storm drains clear of debris. When the snow flies will your landscaper show up with removal equipment? Mirage Landscaping will. We are a landscaping maintenance firm for all seasons.

Are You Honestly Getting What You Paid For?

If you search hard enough, you will undoubtedly find some who will be willing to undercut our free quote on any job, but at what price in terms of quality? With Mirage Landscaping you’ll always get your money’s worth and total satisfaction with the quality of the work performed.


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