Mirage Landscaping of Calgary: Keep Your Grass Green

Mirage Landscaping of Calgary: Keep Your Grass Green

Mirage Landscaping of Calgary: Keep Your Grass Green

Hello Calgary! We hope you are all doing well!

We have been out there for the last week repairing and fixing after the floods, just like you, and as long-time Calgary citizens, we at Mirage Landscaping would like to say we’re proud of how well our city has reacted. Kudos to all of our customers for always thinking of ways to help! You guys have been great!

Calgary Weather + Lawn Care = ?

Lawn care in Calgary is both simple and complicated, as all local landscaping companies know. The simple part is that having a green and healthy lawn of robust grass really goes no further than proper care. First thing in the spring,  have your grass properly raked, aerated and fertilized water regularly, and the result should be the green expanse you always wanted. But, there’s a very small window in which to optimally get everything done, and Calgary weather almost always makes very difficult to do so.

Mirage will always be there to finish your landscaping projects on time…that’s why you hire us! For those that choose to tackle their grass on their own, though, we know that making things grow in Calgary means you have to get a bit crafty.

Grass is actually a smart combination of several species – three or more – that put together makes up a tough, hardy and attractive green expanse. We are very lucky in Calgary when it comes to grass-growing – believe it or not – in that there shouldn’t be a lot of maintenance needed to ensure a lawn you’ll be proud of.

Usually, grass grows quickly in Calgary and area during June and July simply because of a combination of residual moisture in the soil, lots of sun, and the occasional shower. By August, though, growth slows, but grass remains green. At this time, there is less moisture in the soil, and cooler evenings and shorter days means your grass doesn’t need much extra water anyway. Even well into September, and because we often have nice Indian Summers, grass in Calgary can stay green and robust with fall watering.

Mirage Reveals Calgary Lawn and Grass Care

Grass is just like everything else you can plant. It may grow, it may not, and even if it does it may not turn out to be as uniform as you would like. Some lawns have darker green patches where the tall grasses in their mix are doing better than in other spots. Others may appear mossy and shaggy where the medium grasses are thriving. And other places may seem just perfect.

Take heart. It doesn’t mean you have a bad lawn. It just means your grass mix is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, and your lawn care regimen is probably fine. Even in your backyard, shade, moisture, sun and traffic make for all sorts of miniature eco-environments where growth can be determined by an hour more sun and few degrees change in temperature.

Just about all the grass we grow in Calgary is sourced from variants of Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass and fescue, Bluegrass is chosen specifically for its shallow root system, which allows it to be installed and establish quickly. Bluegrass also loves sun, but doesn’t perform that well without water – even though it is good for cold temperatures and traffic. Ryegrass is also highly wear capable, and performs better than bluegrass in the shade. Fescues are very drought resistant and shade-tolerant, but don’t appreciate too much foot traffic.

Calgary Landscaping Companies Try…

Consistent mowing and watering is a way Mirage landscaping company can help you improve the look of your commercial or personal landscape without a lot of cost. We also use underground irrigation systems as tools to not only green up your lawn, but to also reduce your overall water bill. By not letting grass get too long between mowing, we will optimize its health, durability and attractiveness, and by regular watering at a decided dose it will be green for a long time at far less cost.

Green Lawn In Calgary Need Seed

For specific areas of concern, though, there are a few tried-and-true options that are not expensive and work almost every time. After aerating and fertilizing, we can also seed. Let us have a look at your commercial or private lawn, discuss your care regimen, and then we will figure out areas where growth could be encouraged. Seeding can be done any time during Calgary’s premier growth periods of June, July and August – even into September – and is a low-cost way to boost your lawn’s growth and the attractiveness of your landscape overall.

Some landscaping companies are good at finding what’s wrong…we’ll find what’s right. At Mirage Landscaping, we know there’s always something to work with, and we only use the very best products and will make sure all of our plantings are properly watched over and cared for. Contact us today for an estimate. We’re glad to visit!

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