Mirage Landscaping of Calgary: Making Your Yard or Business Beautiful this Winter

Mirage Landscaping of Calgary: Making Your Yard or Business Beautiful this Winter

For avid gardeners or business owners looking to spruce up their grounds, winter can offer a time for rest and looking ahead. But at Mirage Landscaping of Calgary we don’t see the point of waiting for the end of winter to enjoy our outdoor spaces.

Winter Weather Construction

Depending on how our winter unfolds in southern Alberta, all manner of winter landscaping projects may be possible. If the weather is mild, projects that require excavation or concrete footers, such as patio awnings, gazebos, and other structures, such as retaining walls, are entirely feasible without a continuous deep freeze afflicting the region.

Even if winter landscaping construction isn’t possible due to conditions, other landscaping projects, like dry stacked rock walls and boulder placement are still possible. If we are having a harsh winter, a strategically placed boulder or rock feature can make the weather have a little less bite at your home or business. Large rocks and boulders not only absorb solar radiation, raising the ambient air temperature nearby as they return that energy at night, they can be placed to act as a break against the prevailing wind too. As we live in Chinook territory no matter how much it does or doesn’t snow, you and/or your slumbering plantings might enjoy a respite from the wind.

Lights, Cameras, Animal Action

Again, whether we see much snow or not, there are plenty of animals and birds out there who have to keep finding food across the winter. Your bare deciduous trees are perfect for helping out and providing you with points of interest in your otherwise idle open spaces. Consider stringing some white or multicoloured lights in the branches of your trees to create pale pools of ground lighting. By hanging bird feeders, or putting out something for hungry earthbound critters to feed upon, you can create a winter menagerie to observe from the comfort of your home or business. If you live in the outer suburbs of Calgary or in the countryside, please use caution when leaving food out for the wildlife you hope to observe. Their predators, aside from bears, do not hibernate through the winter. Attracting deer to your property for a free meal could also bring cougars and wolves from afar for their own free meal.

Create A Winter Wonderland

If you live somewhere where many passersby see your property, attracting wildlife is unlikely apart from birds and squirrels. If you’d rather attract the human eye, winter is the perfect time to try out your exterior design sensibilities. 

A neat display for the crafting enthusiast is to make ice candles. The traditional way this is done is to put crushed or cubed ice into a form made from a milk carton, emplace a wick, and then pour molten candle wax over the ice. The hot wax will melt the ice and then cool in unpredictable ways. After it has thoroughly cooled, you cut it from the form and allow it to dry. Then your lacy looking candle is evocative of frost or icicles if you used white or a neutral coloured wax.

A more adventurous way to make an ice candle variant is to make clear ice by putting twice boiled pure water into a form of your choice. When the water has cooled, but before it freezes, place a floating candle into the top of the form. Your cube or cylinder of crystal clear ice can now be used as a porch or deck accent light for a winter barbecue.

Winter Feasting Outdoors

If you haven’t tried it before, winter barbecuing is a treat. Contact Mirage Landscaping and have us completely clear your deck, patio, and walks of any snow and ice and get ready to enjoy.

Contact Mirage Landscaping of Calgary

No matter the weather turn to Mirage Landscaping of Calgary for a free quote on snow removal or on any winter landscaping ideas you have.


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