Mirage Landscaping Snow Removal Combats Ice and Snow in Calgary

Mirage Landscaping Snow Removal Combats Ice and Snow in Calgary

It’s starting to warm up just a bit in Calgary (hooray!), but a couple of moderate days aren’t nearly enough to get rid of the 36 centimetres of snow that has fallen in just February alone. Since November we have seen a whopping 109 centimetres of snow in the city, which explains the huge windrows and snow piles that are absolutely monumental in size and ubiquitous on every street and in each parking lot.

At Mirage Landscaping of Calgary, as snow removal professionals we don’t mind being busy clearing sidewalks, pathways and parking lots because we know what a valuable service we provide. Not only do we help keep your residential or commercial property neat and attractive, we also help keep things as safe as possible for your guests and customers.

It does get slightly frustrating, however, when we head into our usual freeze-and-thaw weather cycle. These common parts of the southern Alberta winters can pose a lot extra problems.

During a February in Calgary it’s not uncommon for temperatures to fluctuate more than 20 degrees Celsius in less than 12 hours. That means snow begins to melt, and then, of course, water runs off. Then, when the temperature inevitably plunges back below freezing, that water becomes ice, creating slip-and-fall hazards for pedestrians.

Keep in mind that local bylaws for snow removal also extend to ice. Homeowners and residents are expected to do their part to keep sidewalks and walkways free of ice during freeze-thaw cycles by spreading de-icer, sand or gravel to help pedestrians maintain their footing in slippery conditions. The best way to keep your property clear of snow and ice in Calgary is to use professional snow removal services from us at Mirage.

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Ice

Removing ice doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few pieces of basic equipment and a little know-how, we have ice at our mercy in a matter of minutes.

Here are some helpful tips on how we do it:

  • We loosen ice first to make sure our de-icing agents are able to work as fast as possible. 
  • We never oversalt. When the ice starts to melt the excess salt will go with it, which not only wastes product but is also very bad for the environment. In addition, salt can be harmful to the paws of our favourite furry friends.
  • We spread a mixture of sand and salt over any ice we can’t remove during our visit so passing pedestrians can maintain traction and reduce injury risk.

When we use de-icing chemicals, we pay close attention and follow their instructions, usage guidelines, and warnings to the letter. As a general rule of thumb, we use these products sparingly, and only when necessary. We’ll take the extra time to remove as much snow and ice as we can while we are there by hand. The best ice management method, for both your own health and that of the environment, is to put your back into it, (or hire ours).

Southeast Calgary Snow Removal: Your Responsibilities Under Local Law

Of course, the easiest way to clear your ice and snow all winter long is to trust Mirage Landscaping for all your snow removal needs. The pros at Mirage Landscaping have been providing exceptional Calgary commercial snow removal services at surprisingly affordable rates for three generations. Our family-owned company specializes in snow removal for these southeast Calgary districts and communities:

Auburn Bay, Chaparral, Chaparral Valley, Copperfield, Cranston, Douglasdale, Heritage Pointe, Lake Bonavista, Mahogany, McKenzie Lake, Mackenzie Towne, Maple Ridge, New Brighton, Odgen/Lynwood/Millican, Parkland, Riverbend, Sundance, Walden, and Willow Park.

In addition to reliable and affordable snow removal services for both residential and commercial properties, Mirage Landscaping is pleased to offer year-round service that includes landscape construction, landscape maintenance, and a comprehensive range of lawn and garden care services

Make Mirage Landscaping your ally all year round. Get started today by contacting Mirage for a fast, free project quote.


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