Plan Ahead for Your Business: Snow Removal in Calgary

Plan Ahead for Your Business: Snow Removal in Calgary

Plan Ahead for Your Business: Snow Removal in Calgary

Remember the big snow back in September? It may be hard to recall, what with all of the light flurries that have mostly fallen since then, but the snowfall in Calgary can become brutal in short order. If you don’t have your snow removal contract in place ahead of the epic amounts of snow that can fall here, you might not get any timely snow removal services at all no matter who you call.

December of 2013 saw a record-breaking amount of snow fall…enough to literally fill up every nearby snow dump. And a surprise fall storm in September of 2014 saw huge trees felled due to the weight of the storm. If you weren’t prepared, you probably spent a long time digging out.

The Mirage Service Guarantee

If Calgary gets blasted by a snowstorm that leaves behind 20cm or more, snow removal services everywhere in the city will be heavily challenged to provide the timely plowing and snow removal services necessary to keeping entrances and parking lots cleared for your employees, customers, mail, delivery vehicles or for emergency services access. We make sure that your parking lot, pathways, sidewalks and patios are cleared within the required amount of time allotted by the City of Calgary to reduce your chance of accidents and liability.

Even the lesser snow days, however, it pays to have Mirage at your side. We don’t always have to bring out our heavy-duty equipment. Sometimes we can tackle last night’s sprinkling with just a few practised sweeps with a snow blower. We make sure nothing is left behind to form ice.

In sheer terms of accident liability, ice is far more insidious than snow. Ice can form any time, anywhere, when moisture and freezing temperatures meet, and can glaze to become frighteningly transparent. Even if you keep alert to the hazards of walking where ice may be present, it may not matter. Lots of people are not even aware of ice hazards as shoppers or consumers of services because they presume ice mitigation around business premises has in fact occurred. Therefore, it is a wise business decision to have the ice mitigation services that people have come to expect in a place as busy across the winter as Calgary.

Mirage Landscaping: Three Generations of Experience

We have the equipment to properly plow parking lots and remove snow from your site. We have the manpower available to tackle any size snow removal job. Finally, we have the expertise to make your premises as ice free as it can possibly be.

The benefits of having a Mirage Landscaping snow removal and/or ice mitigation contract in place ahead of actually needing us are undeniable. No matter what the wintry skies throw down upon your business, or your home, or both, that we will do our utmost to keep your premises open and safe for everyone who visits and that your home will never be cited for violating the city’s snow removal bylaws regarding public walkway clearing.

Contact us for a free consultation. We will get in touch with you, discuss the particulars, and visit your site to ensure that all of the snow removal and/or ice mitigation concerns are attended to.


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