Professional Commercial Landscaping is a Boon for Your Business

Professional Commercial Landscaping is a Boon for Your Business

At Mirage, we think commercial landscaping is one of the most enjoyable – and creative – parts of our business. We like to help design low-maintenance, yet attractive landscapes for the companies we work with so that you can put your best face forward no matter what time of year.

At Mirage Landscaping of Calgary, we have three generations worth of experience keeping the city’s southeast commercial properties ship-shape through all four seasons. We are a family-owned landscaping company, and we want to help you make the most of your business property.

We Keep a Regular Landscape Maintenance Schedule

An organized maintenance schedule is how we start cultivating a healthy green space. We start with a good spring clean up, which is one of the most important tasks we can perform for your property. We power-rake, aerate and fertilize, clear out debris, edge and rake tree wells and gardens, and make sure to sweep up and remove all grass clippings.

Throughout the summer we arrive for regular mowing (bi-weekly early in the season, then weekly when grass really starts to take root), as well as spray dandelions, weed your gardens, prep for planting and pick up trash. Later in August we will spread a second application of fertilizer, trim shrubs in preparation for fall and edge tree wells and garden areas once again. We also keep a look out for any pests or diseases that may harm your garden, shrubs and trees.

Then, come fall, we come to rake your leaves, provide a winter pruning to get your trees and shrubs through the winter and give your lawn one last cut before the first frost.

All of this helps create a professional appearance that will greet your customers is the best way possible. If it appears that you care about your property it is more than likely you care about providing good service, too.

We Can Plant to Protect Your Property

There are some folks you don’t want to visit your property. It’s something that a lot of people don’t realize, but landscaping can play a big role in commercial crime prevention. The strategic choice and arrangement of commercial landscaping elements can go a long way towards deterring criminals. Spruce trees, junipers, rhubarb, roses and mountain pine are just a few of the plant species we suggest that not only look nice, but can also act as a barrier between your business and those who want to do it harm.

Seating Areas Welcome Your Customers

One of the most-forgotten commercial landscaping additions is seating. For some reason business owners tend to overlook the benefits of providing benches to their weary shoppers. There’s nothing that says more about a business owner’s dedication to providing the best customer experience possible than something that simply says, “relax and stay awhile!” Mirage can help you build inviting little seating areas where your customers – and you and your employees! – can sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Underground Irrigation for Commercial Properties

Nobody wants to waste water, but we do want to keep our properties green and our trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals thriving. An underground sprinkler system delivers less water more efficiently, meaning your property will look great for less time, effort and cash.

Modern sprinkler systems are installed with sophisticated control units that can be programmed to deliver a set amount of water at a specific time in the ideal amount for the needs of your property. We can install irrigation systems with a number of different zones that use different types of sprinklers to more effectively deliver water. A lawn pop-up sprinkler is lower than a garden sprinkler, as there isn’t need to have water delivered over top of plants and flowers. Garden sprinklers are higher in order to reach areas surrounding shrubs and perennials.

Underground sprinklers can also be set to only hit the areas that need moisture, so gone are the days of accidentally “watering the sidewalk.”

Another available money-saving feature of automated sprinklers are rain sensors that will turn off your system if enough rain has fallen.

Reasons to Hire Mirage for Your Calgary Commercial Landscaping

Mirage’s complete suite of lawn care services includes everything from seasonal clean-ups in spring and fall to mowing, trimming, weeding and pruning. We also provide professional landscape construction services for our commercial landscaping properties in southeast Calgary. To get started, fill out our request form for an estimate. We will respond to your query as quickly as possible!

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