Property Maintenance Bylaws in Calgary

Property Maintenance Bylaws in Calgary

Let’s face it, part of the reason we all like to take good care of our property is not because of us, but because of our neighbours. We all live together in a community, and when we neglect our property, it not only looks bad on us, but on the entire community. Since Mirage Landscaping respects our fellow citizens, and our city, we have based our business on the importance of outdoor upkeep, and now have three generations worth of experience in bringing out the best of any landscape. 

Not only do we want to do well by the people we live with, there are, in fact, a number of city bylaws that provide guidelines for property maintenance that need to be adhered to and that we are always aware of. Here are a few of the most important.

For your lawn …

The City of Calgary’s property maintenance brochure points out that well-maintained properties not only lift up communities, they also help prevent theft and vandalism

Calgary’s bylaws ask that grass be maintained to the following parameters:

  • Keep grass less than 6 inches in height
  • Property owners are responsible for adjacent areas such as boulevards, sidewalks, walkways, lanes and to the centre of the back alley

There is also a community standards bylaw (5M2004), which requests that lawns be watered at the optimal times of early morning or the evening. The watering of plants and grass is most effective when done in the cooler part of the day, before 10 a.m. 

An underground sprinkler system can make watering an easy task, and help save you money. We can install a modern sprinkler system with sophisticated control units that can be programmed to deliver a set amount of water at a specific time in an amount tailored to the needs of your landscaping. Furthermore, modern systems can be run in zones to account for the different watering needs of different areas of your yard.

What About Weeds?

The Community Standards Bylaw 5M2004deals with what the municipal government refers to as “nuisance issues” such as noise, pollution and garbage. It also refers to weeds. The bylaw asks that property owners keep weeds under control and to not allow them to spread from their property. Noxious weeds include dandelions, blueweed, thistle, creeping bellflower and the common tansy.

As part of our regular property maintenanceprogram,while carrying out your spring clean upwewill spray for weeds to help stop them from proliferating before they even get started growing. We only use eco-friendly herbicides that will not damage the environment. Throughout the summer we will keep an eye out for invasive species and hand-pull them to remove them in their entirety, or if the problem gets worse, administer another application of herbicide. 

Guidelines for Trees and Shrubs

Calgary’s Traffic Bylaw 26M96 regulates the maximum height and location of a shrub planted upon a corner lot. In a right triangle demarcated by 25 x 25 foot setbacks along the travel of both streets which meet at your corner lot, no shrub may be growing that exceeds 2.6 feet tall, or 75 cm, if you prefer. This setback allows the drivers on the converging streets the chance to spot one another to avoid needless accidents.

The City of Calgary also has a bylaw concerning tree trimming, especially as pertaining to pedestrian and motor vehicle rights of way. The Street Bylaw 20M88 dictates that trees must be pruned up to a height of eight feet over sidewalks and up to fifteen feet over thoroughfares to avoid branches striking taller commercial and city vehicles.

In addition, the trees that line the street in front of your house may be public trees owned by the City. The Tree Protection Bylaw,” 23M2002, states that you cannot do the following to city-owned trees:

  • Cutting, pruning, moving, or removing them.
  • Penetrating the bark with any signage or other objects.
  • Pouring any liquids upon them, save for water.
  • Hanging electrical cords or any other objects upon them.
  • Planting your own shrubs or trees upon city-owned property.

To save yourself both some unneeded labour and some possible entanglement with the City’s bylaw enforcement staff, if you have trees or shrubs that could conceivably be within a public easement, and thus, not really yours, call 3-1-1 and request a determination regarding who owns the trees in question. Your inadvertent pruning of City trees could net you an unwanted fine of up to $500.

Count on Mirage Landscaping for All Your Property Maintenance Needs

Property maintenance is time consuming and complicated, so let us do it for you. Our family-owned company specializes in helping property owners in southeast Calgary keep their homes and businesses looking great for affordable prices. Check out our work by browsing our online portfolio of just a few of our past projects.

We are pleased to offer custom quotes that allow you to put together a uniquely designed service package, according to your specific needs. Simply use our online form, enter your information and project details, and one of our team members will perform an evaluation and get in touch with you to offer a low and affordable price quote. It’s fast and easy!


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