Regulations for Fencing Your Property

Regulations for Fencing Your Property

Regulations for Fencing Your Property

Mirage Landscaping is a full-service, year-round commercial and residential landscaping company with three generations of experience in Calgary.  

With all the new builds in this city we do a lot of complete landscape designs for our clients, and often that involves the installation of fences. We have the experience necessary to ensure your fence complies with all city guidelines and also provides the safety, security and privacy that you want. 

Whether you want block and mortar walls, poured and painted concrete, or more traditional post and sectional wood or vinyl fencing, we will either build your fencing or subcontract with another company we trust so that you get exactly what you want within the parameters of city regulations.

City regulations deal with the public safety aspects of fencing, and also aim to reduce friction between neighbours. Let’s review some of the more important fencing parameters on the books:

  • Foremost, before you ever do any digging, please call 1-800-242-3447 to ensure you aren’t going to strike anything dangerous or expensive to repair that may be sitting within a Utility Right of Way you may not be aware of.
  • No part of any fence you build may be sited upon property owned by the City of Calgary. If so built, and the city discovers it, you will receive an order to remove it at your own expense. Do double check your property line before installing a fence for the first time, or even when tearing down an old one to put up a newer one. It’s better to be sure rather than to later discover you have accidentally encroached upon neighbouring properties.
  • For the street facing side of your property within city limits, the maximum height your fence can be is 1.2 metres, (4 ft.). This allows patrolling officers to see into the property if necessary and allows for the easier identification of your property for other emergency services.
  • All other fencing along your perimeter can only be 2 metres tall, (6 ft. 6 in.), the only exception being that gates can be up to 2.5 metres tall (8 ft. 2 in.), at their tallest point to allow for some ornamental diversity. As you might guess, this maximum height provides for privacy while not presenting obstacles for emergency services or allowing the creation of so-called “spite fences” between neighbours.
  • If you live on a corner lot in Calgary, you face additional regulations. Primarily, a line of sight “triangle” must be maintained where your front yard fencing or wall cannot be greater than 0.75 metres (2 ft. 6 in.) for the first 7.5 metres, (roughly 25 feet) of each cross street that makes up your corner.  The owners of corner lots have an additional safety duty to motorists and cyclists to enable them to see the cross-traffic rather than encounter it in the blind created by even a four-foot tall front yard fence.

Whether you want an ornamental wall, pickets or a traditional backyard fence, whether made from various wood products, or entirely from vinyl or chain link, Mirage Landscaping of Calgary is your one stop for both landscaping and the fencing you desire.

Being not only a landscaping servicing company, but a fully licensed and bonded landscaping construction contractor ensures that we have the skill, the manpower, and the experience to build your perimeter fencing to code and to build it to last. As with every service we provide, contact us for a free quote.


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