Retaining Walls are Multi-Functional and Environmentally Friendly

Retaining Walls are Multi-Functional and Environmentally Friendly

As part of our landscape construction services at Mirage, we build retaining walls. Although we love everything we do, retaining walls are among our favourite projects. Not only do they provide several important functions, they are also attractive, versatile, and environmentally friendly.

Calgary properties are (very) often built on a slope. This allows for full basements to be built above grade, and also for moisture to run away from foundations. It’s a smart way to build, which is why it’s done so often, but it can also lead to specific landscaping challenges.

The soil quality in Calgary is generally classified as clay or clay loam as it contains more clay than other minerals or rocks. We all know what it’s like to dig down below a certain level in our yards. It doesn’t take reaching much of a depth before you run into a solid level of dense, heavy, coarse, grey clay that requires a lot of work to get through. Sometimes it even seems like a jackhammer is needed.

Although clay or clay loam as soil quality is not terribly bad for growing plants, what it is bad for is retaining water. Clay tends to swell up quickly with moisture and prevents water from being fully absorbed into soil. During heavy rainstorms Calgary experiences a lot of runoff, as the water does not have time to settle in. Rather, it just flows down the surface of properties into gutters, and takes a lot of important topsoil and nutrients with it. 

Why Retaining Walls are Good for the Environment

Retaining walls basically allow for sloped properties to become flat. They provide more level surface area, which, in turn, provides a better opportunity for water to be absorbed properly deep into the ground.

Retaining walls are good for the environment because they can save a lot of water. Instead of moisture running quickly off of surfaces, retaining walls create a receptacle for moisture to collect and settle. The best part is that they can be built to direct water away from foundations and straight towards where it is needed the most. The root systems of your shrubs, trees, and perennials. 

We can design your retaining walls to be both an attractive and useful addition to your yard. And more good news is that they are not a major build. City of Calgary guidelinesstate that a permit is not required for the installation of retaining walls that are less than 1.2 metres tall. This is more than enough height for the vast majority of Calgary properties to allow for your retaining walls to do the job they’re supposed to do.

More Benefits of Retaining Walls

In addition to saving water, one of our most precious resources, retaining walls offer numerous more benefits to property owners.

  • They control erosion. Because retaining walls take away the slope of properties, they are also great for controlling erosion. There is far less topsoil to run off when watering or raining. At the same time they also strengthen and reinforce slopes, which in turn strengthens and reinforces properties. 
  • They allow for a greater variety of plants. Retaining walls can be filled with the best kind of soil for growing the more difficult shrubs and perennials in Calgary. Plus, their structure allows for them to be easily mulched in to protect root systems, and they also provide protection from the elements. 
  • They just look good. Retaining walls provide an attractive visual element to every yard. Their tiered appearance adds depth and breadth, plus the colourful variety of plants they are able to support does double duty. 

How We Build Our Retaining Walls

We build our retaining walls from ornamental stone or brick to match the façade of your home. Retaining walls need to be carefully designed to allow for proper drainage and provide proper support, and also be strong enough to hold a large amount of soil. A solid concrete foundation for all retaining walls is also necessary to ensure roots do not cause cracking in the walls.

Before we build we will provide you with a detailed sketch for your approval. We can discuss the ideal size, depth, and shape of your retaining wall to provide the best use for your needs.

Build a Retaining Wall in Calgary with the Help of the Pros at Mirage Landscaping

Mirage Landscaping proudly offers excellent landscape construction services, including retaining walls, patios, fences, and more. Our experts are here to help you enjoy better privacy while making your property more beautiful and enhancing its value.

Our landscape construction services are affordably priced, and generate great results that last and last. For examples of our work, please consult our portfolioof successfully completed past projects.

Then, get started by requesting a fast, free quote. And remember: Mirage also offers a complete suite of affordably priced lawn care and property maintenance services for both residential and commercial customers.


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