Save Your Business From Slip and Fall Accidents

Save Your Business From Slip and Fall Accidents

In December of last year, it was reported that Albertans slip and fall at three times the rate of those in Ontario. Based on statistics collected by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, it was calculated that the province saw an average of 42.3 hospitalizations per 100,000 people for the five years between 2011 and 2016. The reason Alberta (and especially Calgary) has so many recorded slip and fall accidents is because of our freeze and melt cycles, which leave ice hidden underneath newly-fallen snow, and the fact that ice in Alberta just sticks around a lot longer than it does in Ontario.

This province is just behind Saskatchewan when it comes to the number of slip and fall accidents, and they can be devastating.

The most common types of injuries after a slip and fall are:

  • Bruises, cuts, and scratches
  • Broken bones
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries such as sprains and tendon and ligament tears

Slip and fall hazards are normal during a Calgary winter, and an accident can be devastating. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control says that falls are the leading cause of a nonfatal injury across all ages except from the ages of 10 to 24, and that more than 800,000 people a year in the U.S. are hospitalized after falling.

Slip and fall accidents can result in long-term, irreversible damage to the victim. Hiring a professional commercial snow removal company will help greatly reduce your chances of a slip and fall accident at your business. Taking good care of your property in the winter will show your clients and customers you care about their well-being and you want to make their experience a positive one.

Slip and Fall Liability

Professional Calgary commercial snow removal services by Mirage Landscaping will reduce your chances of being found liable for someone slipping and falling on your property. That means a loss in revenue and serious damage to your business’s reputation.

You are at risk of being sued if someone trips, slips or falls when:

  • Your property is unsafe, such as there is icy pavement and wet floors.
  • There are hazardous conditions that could have been repaired, such as cracks in your pathways.
  • You fail to post warning signs advising of any known hazards.
  • The accident could have been avoided if you had taken precautions.
  • You fail to have written inspection and maintenance procedures in place.

Business Responsibilities for Snow Removal

Removing snow and ice from your commercial property isn’t just good business; it’s also a legal requirement. Calgary bylaws state that property owners and occupants must remove snow and ice from city sidewalks no more than 24 hours after the last snowflake hits the ground.

Staying on top of commercial snow removal in Calgary isn’t easy without professional help. Enlisting the help of Mirage Landscaping is an easy and affordable path to making sure your business remains open and accessible no matter what winter may bring.

Specific situations that pose a heightened risk of causing slips and falls in the Calgary southeast.

  • Snow and ice that has not been cleared from sidewalks, walkways and driveways
  • Wet floors, resulting from tracked-in snow and slush, spills, or mopping
  • Poor lighting
  • No handrails
  • Sharp rises or drops in pathways or pavement (potentially due to cracks)

Choose Mirage Landscaping for Your Winter Property Maintenance Needs

At Mirage Landscaping, we want to earn your business. Our family-owned company has been providing Calgary homes and businesses with outstanding service at affordable prices for three generations. When you choose us for commercial snow removal in Calgary, you will get:

  • Perfectly cleared sidewalks and parking lots
  • Prompt and reliable service that ensures your business will never be in violation of Calgary’s snow removal bylaws
  • Non-disruptive plowing times to minimize any disruption of your business
  • Complete documentation of your snow removal efforts, which can make a world of difference in a worst-case scenario involving legal action for injury claims

Mirage Landscaping has extensive human resources and professional-grade, heavy-duty snow removal equipment. Our crews always get the job done promptly, no matter how large your property may be and no matter how much snow has fallen.

Get a Custom Quote for Your Commercial Snow Removal Services

Many of our customers are surprised to learn just how affordable our Calgary commercial snow removal services are. Help keep your customers safe this winter season, all while reducing your risks and liabilities. Get started by requesting a custom commercial snow removal quote from Mirage Landscaping today.


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